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The 5 positive sneaky things my Finnish friends taught me.

Hey folks! I’m really sleepy right now but since I’d made a commitment to myself to write on a daily basis, today I shall write about the 5 positive sneaky things my Finnish friends taught me in my 1+years here. I love learning about sneaky/politically incorrect stuffs! It is the quirky and politically incorrect things that make life worth living in any country. I’d always been fascinated with the secretly bitchy sides to people, regardless of nationality. Winston Churchill for instance, never fails to impress me with his sophisticated insults. Same applies for Shakespeare. Like the eloquent Englishmen with their dark British humor, I think Finns (my Finnish friends at least) have their positive sneaky ways too. Finns are not sneaky you say? Haha, you probably either don’t have enough Finnish friends, or have gotten used to the following ways of life. Here are the 5 positive sneaky things I learnt from mine: – No.#5: Passive Aggression. I’d never done anything passive aggressive in my entire life until I came to Finland, mainly because the …

Finland’s current situation: The Macroeconomic Perspective.

Hey guys! This post is dedicated to Dario. He made a very valid point to this viral Economic post: “Finland is not for the ambitious”, saying that I should explain economic concepts to people without economics background. I agree. Since I have some attention now, let me take this opportunity to add on constructively to the current economic/social/political discourse on Finland in a more scientific manner–and invite constructive criticisms on my thoughts and arguments and have some solid evidence as to why I think Finland can consider moving towards a more open economy from the MACROECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE. There are five globally acknowledged macroeconomic aims to any good governance in any country. These five macroeconomic objectives are: Low inflation rate; Low unemployment rate; Stable and sustainable economic growth (globally measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product and Purchasing Power Parity); A slight surplus in the balance of trade/ Stable exchange rate; and Low income gap disparity. So, based on OBSERVABLE TRENDS, let’s see how the same macroeconomic objectives are prioritized in Finland, as a welfare state: Low …

[Valentine’s Day Special] Taking Snowy Photos!

Moikka! Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! Today I shall be blogging a Valentine’s Day Special– The experience of taking snowy OOTDs! 🙂 One of the most fabulous things about Finland is that it has super snowy and white scenery during winter, and it makes a fabulous backdrop for photoshoots, if you can bear the cold. My Advice: Don’t even try. HAHA It was so cold! 🙂 Especially this shot :X Happy Valentine’s Day people!

Random Update

Teehee! I haven’t been updating for ages! But thank you still for the 100plus people who are still curious and reading this blog /o/ I’m currently still super busy with school and getting my life together. It’s snowing everyday! I’d TRY to update more. Stay tuned!

Why I returned to school.

Education has always been important to me. So today I’d decided to blog a post about my decision to pursue a masters in PR in Finland, to let you understand the thought process behind this decision. It’s obviously not a decision that comes cheap. Let me do a brief cost-benefit analysis for you: For a year in Finland (My Course is 2 years) Tuition fees– 8,000 Euros. Yearly Rent– 6,000 Euros (500 Euros X 12) Food– 2400 Euros (Est. 200 Euros a month) Transport–2400 Euros (Est. 200 Euros a month) Air tix– 1300SGD Clothes– 1000 Euros Total– 20,000 Euros (Approx)/year. So YEA. with 20,000 euros a year, you don’t take this type of sum lightly unless you are still leeching on your parents. And, guess what? There is a chance that after graduation, I’d be structurally unemployed if I do come back to Singapore. Here’s why: Singapore, being a small and open economy, relies heavily on human resources. Our comparative advantage is precisely in labour, and it’s imperative to keep the price of labour, aka …

♥Hyvää Yötä Ja Huomenta♥

This is one of my favorite Finnish songs. Enjoy!!~ ♥ Translation ♥ Stay for tonight; It seems like something is keeping you here – bulletproof hearts are yet to be invented. If you are carrying the biggest dream with you Only this moment remains And only what you do now is important Chorus: Good night and good morning now Later, you’ll have the time to sleep The hours, 24 of them are wishing you lots of luck Good night good morning, now Just don’t give up, not just yet Everything does have its price ; But nothing is yet impossible You know when they say, “no, you cannot bring back the past” or “it is not worth it” “to lie in the ground”; “waiting for the coming?” If there’s someone you whom you really care for Well, hang on to them Just don’t listen to those cynics, no Bulletproof hearts are yet to be invented Doesn’t make sense being afraid of a shot For loneliness will carve the same hole in you Modified from Source♥