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Rhapsody in blue + A floral studio.

I’d been looking at flowers, and more flowers, and even more flowers. Then I had wanted to buy them all for photoshoots. For the studio. -SIGH- WHY ARE FLOWERS SO PRETTY and important for photoshoots. I lust for flowers for photoshoots. You know, any vaguely “arts” person who runs a company will tell you that they channel close to all their profits to buying better equipment, making their studio better, hiring more staffs so that they can have more brainpower to do bigger things. It’s all in the name of “pretty”. I’m a relative web-design geek, so I always think of ways to buy more domains, free up time to do more CSS designs and codings, and do better photoshoots. Then photoshop those pretty photos using lightroom and PS (actually this is embarrassing but I don’t know how to use illustrator yet.) And then I became ultra-sensitive to flowers. Heehee. This wedding industry is fun. 🙂