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[Valentine’s Day Special] Taking Snowy Photos!

Moikka! Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! Today I shall be blogging a Valentine’s Day Special– The experience of taking snowy OOTDs! 🙂 One of the most fabulous things about Finland is that it has super snowy and white scenery during winter, and it makes a fabulous backdrop for photoshoots, if you can bear the cold. My Advice: Don’t even try. HAHA It was so cold! 🙂 Especially this shot :X Happy Valentine’s Day people!

I just exposed a company.

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about fake facebook likes. Take a look at this facebook page, run by this unethical private PR firm, for a government organisation meant to encourage set up ironically, and specifically, to encourage Singaporean youths to commit less crimes. They have 69,788 likes. and 15 people talking about this. You kidding me? That’s less than 0.02% of people caring about their page. And…best part, most people come from VIENTAM, Ha Noi. What would Vietnamese people be interested in a website related to Singapore youths??? This is –perhaps–obviously a case of the private PR firm faking likes over facebook. TO fake 70,000 likes, you just need to pay USD35, if you get the (dirty) job done over fiverr; USD5 for 10,000 fake likes.  Look at the black arrow; why is there a sudden drop? Simply because they bought fake likes, and stupidly so from Vietnam. Facebook bans and delete fake accounts all the time. Yes, screw them.  I believe they are using us taxpayers’ money to cheat. There are also, of course …

New Home~

Apologies for the long hiatus; I’d been working on my blog’s revamp!~~ Though at last, THANK GOD! I’d managed my move to wordpress from blogger! Reason for move? Simply put–formatting. In future therefore, please visit to read my blog yea!~ I will only be moving one post here– Mr. Juha’s interview– because it is really troublesome to move everything. But rest assured more exciting articles will be coming your way! with Love! TheHieno.