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In Praise of Suits

Sorry for the lonnggggg hiatus. It’s been difficult to blog in spring/summer, I’d been sleeping for 10 hours a day at least, managing the company, doing thesis, and spending most of my time outdoors (with sunblock spammed of course). I’m so glad we had the company holiday–failing which I’d just really go crazy. Or maybe not. I’m a great executor. My awesome thesis lah ok! Editing. So a brief update recently is that I’d been busy like usual but what really made my June was the boyfriend’s birthday and also that I’m going to meet Taleb Nassim on 10th of June!! 😀 I’m such a huge fangirl of his. Also, recently I’d been checking out other people’s blogs. Like the blogs of Smith Leong, Dylan…because I like their online persona. Also I’d been reading. Reading a lot. On Singapore society, Singapore fashion, and things that matter to us lah. Daniel Boey said we shouldn’t write things we don’t believe on our blogs because readers can smell bullshit from afar. I concur. Anyway today this random post–really …

Hong Kong Cosmoprof 2013

Last November we went to the amazing Cosmoprof 2013 in Hong Kong! ^-^ It was such a beautiful city, so I’d let the photos do the talking! Here are the main highlights– photos courtesy of The Boyfriend: Food and Drinks! The Cosmoprof event: And general interesting stuffs!                          That’s HK for you! ^-^


Hello ALL! This is my first sponsored cosmetics post, and the second sponsored post. And I got sponsored the whole set! Thank you for the vote of confidence in The Hieno! OMG lah. As you all know, I am NOT a beauty blogger, I’m NOT even a blogger– I’m a marketer who happens to write well, that’s all. So HAHA drop your expectations of me blogging like a beauty blogger! I’m going to blog–the marketer’s style!! Yes, you’d got it!  Instead of boring you with 1. Camwhoring shots; 2. Details about products when you will probably disregard them. I mean, personally I buy cosmetics because of word-of-mouth reviews from people I trust, OR packaging. I am just going to show you TWO more photos, then you make your own decision on K-palette. I LOVE this brand K-palette’s because it is THE DEAL, MAN! It’s ranked No.1 on for so long!  😀 Mascara wise, usually I’d use either K-palette, or Majorlica. 🙂 Both are amazing! And here’s why it is amazing! I have sparse eyelashes …