[Introductory Series] Personal Branding: Why, How, What.

The Hieno! is Finland’s first niche blog on personal branding.

On this page you will find the “whys”, the “hows”, and the “whats” to personal branding. We also feature case studies to illustrate our point. This page will be updated as and when new posts are done! 🙂


Personal Branding: 3 reasons to do it.

  • Reason #1: To build your tribe. 

Great brands will always polarise. Attract the right type of customers and keep the wrong types away!

  • Reason #2: To increase influence in the market made up of various tribes. 

With increased influence in the market, your brand can have more authority. With more authority, you can make the world a better place–your way.

  • Reason #3: To eliminate competition completely. 

A great personal brand with a clear focus and positioning will effectively eliminate all competition.


Personal Branding: 5 ways to do it.


Personal Branding: 7 “what”s to look out for.

#1. What is personal branding?


Personal Branding: Case Studies.