Finland’s first online wedding guidebook in English.

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This series involves zero sponsorship/ paid content advertorials. As couples, you can trust that the content you find here is an unbiased, special curation of the most sincere hearts, thoughts and tips by wedding experts and professionals in Finland.



The Hieno Brides Series is Finland’s first wedding guidebook in English, for couples who want to get married in Finland. We make the wedding preparation process more fun and less stressful for our couples!

We are unified by one greater vision: To help couples create lovely and memorable weddings on their terms.

  • To raise the overall standard of the wedding industry in Finland and position local wedding vendors for the global wedding market;
  • To provide practical, useful and localised insiders’ tips for couples from the wedding practitioners’ perspectives that are not influenced by “following the money”;
  • To direct the right customers to the right wedding vendor.


Content Page

Timeline /Checklist

Preface: Finnish weddings/ Weddings in Finland

Part I: Deciding on the vision of your ideal wedding as a couple.
– Starting the planning process on the right foundations.
– Budget! How to decide how much to spend on your ideal wedding, and allocate your budget wisely.
♡ Should you hire a wedding planner?
– Visuals: Communicate what you want and what you do not want.

Part II: Shopping and personalization
– Catering
– Venues
– Bakeries
– Hairdressers/ Make-up/ Hair accessories
Interview with Nina/ Ninka design 
– Transport
Pre-wedding photography.
– Photography/ videography: Actual Day Huomenlahja.
♡ Interview with Rita Miklan
– Dressing: For grooms, brides, bridesmaids, guests, moms and dads.
Interview with Suvi Morsian
– Ring/ Jewelry
– Bachelor/ Bachelorette’s party.
– Band/music
Interview with The Stonewalls.
– Decorations/ invitations
♡ Interview with Irina, Crocus Paperi.
– Flowers ♡ Interview with Maria Rissanen. 
– Honeymoon
– Fun ways to add a personal touch

Part III: Practicalities
– Schedule of that day
– How to delegate jobs well.
– Maistratti/ Churches: How to go about booking Justice-of-Peace, standard procedure.
– Managing your guest list
– Packing: “Just-in-case” toolkits.
– Other things to note.

Part IV: Resources and Online communities

Facebook: Häät 2016Häät 2017Häät 2018.

-Pre-marital counselling in Finland.
-Wedding Fairs in Finland.
-Bridal magazines in Finland.

Part V: Inspire us!
Feel free to send The Hieno Brides your gorgeous bridal photographs as inspiration to future couples! Email: for your submission. =)