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It’s “the heart” that will gain respect.

Consider a dichotomy of “the heart” versus “financial success”. Compare the situation between a vet, and a super successful banker. The latter is at least 20X richer than the former. Unless this banker is passionate about making the world a better place via his occupation, it is likely that the vet will gain more genuine respect. Next, consider the situation between the vet and a volunteer in a disaster-striken region. Even though the vet is 20X richer than the unpaid volunteer, it is likely that both will gain equal respect because they believe strongly in about what they do. It truly is the heart that will gain respect, wherever you go. So, the next question we should ask ourselves is, “How do we do things that magnify hearts”? – This is a question of business model already. I don’t believe creative folks should be poor if they want to further their vision and craft. I really don’t. But I do believe that success requires the permission of each and every individual.