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How to be Un-judged

Good morning starshines! 🙂 Today’s post is the product of an ongoing discussion that Yeow An and I have been having for the past 6 months on the topic of “How to deal with Judge-y people”. And today, I believe we’d found some working solutions to the uncomfortable problem of being judged by others, when we are just innocently doing our own things. Therefore, I’m going to write down what we have discussed so that YOU can benefit from our discussion too. This is a post which exposes vulnerabilities, as I will be talking about how to be un-judged, or two possible ways to cope with judgmental people. Let me explain: Whenever you try to pursue The Dream, there is bound to be self doubt. These self-doubts can be classified into two categories: (A) What you doubt of your abilities, and (B) what you think others might say of you, in the event that you really went ahead and took the plunge. Let’s assume for instance, that you are a really pretty girl who is …

Fly! Really. Fly High.

Wow I’m really so excited for the progress of IKI!! :))) We’re truly flying! For everyone who doesn’t know yet, I started a social media marketing and consulting company last November to encourage Singaporeans to dream bigger, and most importantly, to lead meaningful lives. The parent company is IKI MAGAZINE, and our content marketing arm is IKIGUIDE. Both are doing extremely well–I’m quite proud! 🙂 While we are still a humble start-up, I’m so grateful towards my permanent parttimers who have stuck with me for so long. 🙂 I’m sorry I can’t pay you more, but what this taught me is the value of passion. YES! Thank you for sticking out with me!!  I hope we can continue to keep this idea alive. Here are the two awesome advertisements we are currently running. Quite nice right!! If you are a good fit, drop us an email at . Because we have to do f2f meetups with clients, you have to be based in Singapore to apply, ok? ^^ Till then, dream big!! 🙂 ❤

In Pictures: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka.

People usually visit Nara, Kyoto and Osaka together because they are right next to each other. You can explore them within two days conveniently using the JR rail as the main form of transport. There are tons of temples and traditional Japanese cultural sites in these three places, including the Genjimonogatari museum. And in Nara, (mainly stupid) deers too who eat everything. And you have a really nice Osaka Castle too! Here are some pictures:   And last but not least…an Osaka castle in its monochrome splendor. A

In Pictures: Tokyo Disneyland

I guess Tokyo Disneyland is always a must-visit place for most people. And Tokyo Disneysea too, for that matter! ^-^ Anyway, one of the questions my friends tend to ask me is–“If I only had a day near the Disneyland area, where should I go: Disneyland? Or Disneysea?” My answer is that if you are young and have a strong heart, do opt for Disneysea for there are more exciting rides. If you’re old at heart (like I am) or have tons of young children, Disneyland is a safe choice. Anyway, I think both Disneyland and Disneysea are also dating spots, so you’d be seeing a lot of Japanese couples and families. Picture time! Tons of funny-looking pictures, haha!   The Small World Ride: On a non-related note, here’s our supper! 😀 It was winter, so pardon our greediness.