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Truth, Meaning, Image and Reality.

  • Truth= Complete information of something and having all causations and effects in place. This is the definition by Yizhe haha and I do subscribe to it! This is why lawsuits take so damn long, and at the end of it you will still not get the truth.
  • Meaning= Whatever you make out of something. Layers and layers of interpretation emerging from group consensus.
  • Image= Because it is impossible to have “truth”, we rely on image and consistency.
  • Reality= What one thinks and feels and perceive is reality to that person, and perhaps it is wise to always be aware of logical fallacies and cognitive dissonances.
  • Intention= Stemming from the desire to belong (From the Yizhe’s ebook).

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  • Since you will not get the truth, image is everything. At the most, you can only frame the reality you want to portray.
  • Since meaning is defined by the group, to set meaning you have to influence the group. Usually people do this with tools that influences the herd.
  • Image is all about consistency.
  • It is possible to reprogramme yourself.
  • I spoke about “reality” to Niko today. “Should you respond to a person in accordance to their cognitive biases?” Niko said something wise: “Do you talk in the same way to a kid and an adult?” It all depends on end-goal. 

I used to think this was being inauthentic–however, I was wrong. This is because seeing the person’s reality might be something deeply appreciated by the person. However, this incurs time costs to yourself and might not have any benefit to you.

  • If intention stems from a desire to belong to a certain group, then this is how propaganda truly works. Propaganda targets the certain group and targets it very deeply.

People like to say “It is important not to hurt someone”. I used to think that sounds very nice, until I realised at the core it is back to self-interest.

For perhaps more importantly, the situation is “it is DANGEROUS to hurt someone even if what you are saying is verifiable and true.”

Because people who has their core values/ personal branding challenged will retaliate based on their reality and cognitive biases with all their might.

And they will do whatever it takes to harm the informer because they don’t want their bubbles to burst.

Just look at CHC folks who are even paying for the SGD10million-15million lawsuit fees of the very people who misused their money! Look at the letter penned by a so-called “deluded” CHC church-goer.

And this is something I need to constantly remind myself. Don’t tell people truths they don’t want to hear unless there is a significant benefit to you. And unless you are sure that you can influence them to change.

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