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The (Mis)Guided Stories We Tell Ourselves

This morning a gentleman shared this article on Cognitive Biases in our Whatsapp Group. I felt that this was an excellent summary:


Human beings are really strange creatures.

If you read Freud, you’ll realise that humans love stories. Especially heroic stories. This is how the mass media captures your attention and make tons and tons of money out of your desire for stories involving heroes. In fact, you will go out of your way to live out heroic storylines in others and yourselves.

Is the knowledge of this profitable? Extremely! Look at how huge an industry is spun out of K-pop, which all started with the Kdrama sob storylines.

And…after knowing all these cognitive biases, wouldn’t you want to forgive more and be kinder–because who knows, you could be wrong?

And wouldn’t you see the further need to consciously brand yourself?


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