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How to own a piece of “common knowledge”.

Once a unique positioning is set, the brutal PR war starts.

If you are competing with someone else for an already-existing positioning, then the brutal PR war + actual business war escalates.

  • If you set a unique positioning, then use all the powerful distribution channels within your means to make your unique positioning known to the public.
  • Even if you set a unique positioning– there is a possibility that your competitor or someone can “steal” it. If you have a weaker PR distribution network, your competitor will own YOUR original idea even though it is theft.
  • If your positioning is not unique and you are competing for an existing positioning, then be prepared for a brutal and bloody market war. From pricing to undercutting to wanting to eliminate your competitor to investing even more money into PR wars.

The idea however is that the person who first uses strong PR distribution networks to spread his or her unique ONE SPOT positioning will have a clear advantage. Because once that space in the minds of the masses is “owned”, it is close to impossible to replace it. Unless you position yourself as “XZY’s competitor”, which then suggests that you are not original.

So the idea is to go for option #1: To set a unique positioning, then use all powerful distribution channels within your means to broadcast the news to the public. QED!

Do it so well and fast that people don’t even try to compete for the exact same space.

Why do people usually not do this?

My guess is that they simply they spread themselves too thin, or simply that they don’t know branding. 

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