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Wonect’s Final Box!

Wonect sent me their final Wonect Starlet Beauty Box in January, which I’m really happy and thankful about.

It has been a great 6 months!

There are three items in the final box:

  1. Heroine Make Ten-made-todoke Mascara;
  2. Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover;

And here’s my review!

  1. The Heroine Make Ten-made-todoke Mascara.



The “Heroine Make” brand is raved for its eye products–eyeliner and mascara. Established in 2005 under ISEHAN in Japan, this brand has an interesting brand story.

“Heroine” refers to the woman or girl who is the protagonist of a movie or a book, and “make” refers to “make-up”. The idea behind “Heroine Make” is to ensure that every lady will always look like a powerful star even if she cries or get caught in the rain.

Always powerful, beautiful and picture-perfect with Heroine Make!

This mascara features the following benefits:

  • Volumizing;
  • Lengthening– contains 5mm long fibres.
  • Waterproof and smudge proof;
  • Easy to remove.

And yes, it does its job well. I personally have really short and sparse lashes (the beautician always frowns when she does fake eyelash extensions on me for special events)–so this mascara does work for the volumizing and lengthening purposes.

I personally think that the most amazing part to this mascara is that it is easily removable by any form of makeup remover– oil-based, wipes, foam-based. Usually when I get back from work, I feel so brain-drained and mentally exhausted to even do anything. So, I appreciate this feature the most.

And most importantly, it is a black mascara! I don’t really understand why people buy mascara that are non-black (Is it to suit the colour of their iris?). At any rate black is good for work and casual outings. =)

You can get the Heroine Make Ten-made-todoke Mascara here.

2. Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover

Fancy a mask that helps prevent essence evaporation?

Well, we don’t have that mask yet. But we have a mask cover! Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover comes to the rescue here. This mask cover is made of elastic silicon.

It’s very interesting in the way that it can be used–you wear it over an actual sheet mask for 10-20 minutes. This helps reserve the maximum amount of beauty essence in your skin, just like a skin food!

There are two other uses to this mask cover: You can use it to keep your original mask in position, because there are sturdy ear loops! So actually, you can sit upright to read a book or your laptop while mask-ing now if you have this silicon mask cover, without having to worry that your sheet mask will come off.

The last function is that you can use this silicon cover mask as a face steaming mask for relaxation. Simply enter a bubble bath with warm water and relax!

I like this mask because it can be so easily reused after washing. When I don’t have sheet masks, I will use Laneige moisturiser all over my face, and use this silicon cover mask over it.

It really works for locking in hydration to your skin, especially during winter!

3. MILBON Elujuda MO 120ml 

And last but not least, we have this MILBON Elujuda MO 120ml hair product.

Well I did two rounds of bleaching and added 6 colours to my hair recently, so I really do need this product! This MILBON product makes damaged hair more managable and presentable.

Just look at the outcome from the picture above!

After towel drying your hair, just take a 50-cents portion of this and apply directly to the hair roots for the damage repair magic to start! This product smells heavenly as well, so there is an additional rejuvenation function to it.

One really interesting ingredient in this product is the Baobab seed essence. Oils from the Baobab trees in Africa is highly effective in restoring the hair cuticles which can eventually be used to soften the surface of the hair. The other ingredient, Olive Squalane has a function of relaxing the hydrogen connections within the cortex of the hair, which makes it soft and easy to manage.

Something I really liked about this product is also how non-greasy it is, despite being oil-based. The hair essence feels more like nourishment you put on your hair, instead of oil. =) So you don’t have this “yuck” feeling after usage.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! Have a good weekend ahead, and remember to shop often with Wonect!

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