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What if you lost a round in Public Relations? 3 Tips to emerge stronger.

A quick post before I go to bed. 😀

In life, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. If you observe people trained in branding, PR or basically high-status individuals have a lot to lose, you will observe how some of them do damage control.

And it is very interesting to observe, because they are scared.

Especially high-status individuals with what I call “a hole”. A hole is defined as the gap between what these high achievers really are, and what others perceive them as. This hole only matters as much as these individuals care about what people say about them. Sometimes, due to unresolved wounds, they over-imagine stuff that people would say about them as well, when the reality is that people don’t really care.

So I thought–why not raise the lost round in Public Relations to a higher level? Instead of merely doing damage control, why not flip the situation to your benefit, own and eat it up, and emerge stronger? This strategy is also alternatively known as the condition of being antifragile, a term first coined by Nassim Taleb.

So here are the 3 tips to be antifragile:

  1. When a mistake/ unpleasant decision is made (by whoever), people on both sides will start to justify. Since justification is natural, forget about justifying. Instead, work on advancing your own goals.

What I mean is this. Whenever there is an unpopular decision made, people will attempt to ease their cognitive dissonance by justifying this decision to the people around them.

Here, the issue of the matter is not logic. The concern is to ease the unpleasant feelings caused by that decision. Both “sides” affected by the issue will definitely attempt to advance their respective narratives.

So the key here is not to play the game.

Don’t advance your narrative because it is likely to be illogical. Instead, focus on winning. Winning here is defined as a verifiable action towards your own goals which shows that (1) you have moved on, and (2) you really don’t give a fuck.

In the words of my favorite gay friend– “Kthxbye”.

Oh but before that, remember to settle all money issues.

2.  Because that idiot will still be justifying against you, do a good defence by working on actively documenting positive and relevant Public Relations for yourself.

Now this is just common sense.

The logic is that people who created or are affected by perceived unfair outcomes will definitely say or do a lot of things against you.

Sometimes people love to cite “selective truths”/ “alternative facts” against you, and because they are facts taken out of context, it might seem like “the whole truth” to other people. So it might be tempting to respond in the exact same manner.

The key here is not to fight negative news with negativity and end up both in lose-lose situations. Instead, it is to fight negativity with positivity, even if you don’t feel like it.

And by positivity– I mean in a positive manner that advances your personal goals. If there is no advancement, don’t bother doing anything.

The challenge so far that I’d observed with this Tip 2 is that people sometimes go crazy and overdo positive PR which messes up with their personal branding, even if it is +1 PR coverage.

That is, positive PR can always be done in a non-strategic manner especially if it runs contrary to your personal goals and brand association. In such cases overdoing PR in a non-natural manner might accentuate certain negative personal traits.

3. Keep a winning chip. You will always have one against people who care about what the group thinks.

‘Nuff said. 🙂

“Winning” here is defined as knowing the “hole” and insecurity that the other side has in their heads.

This is a side they will never want the world to know.

Obviously, as PR practitioners, we know, because first reactions are always the most real. Projections almost always reveal unresolved wounds.

There is always a lot of useful information available in times of chaos. You don’t have to use them all at once, though. Just know. You don’t even have to use them yourself.

Okay, sleeping time. Hope you have enjoyed this post!


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