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[Guest post by Dylon Sim] An Insider’s Look into Humanitarian Works: Interview with Carol and Melissa from Mercy Relief.

Hello folks!

The GEPIC2017 team has been toiling day and night to ensure that tomorrow’s event will be a success! As a team, we strive to do our best for charity, while working hard to ensure that our PMET professionals get full value from the conference.

Today’s guest post is by our GEPIC2017 chairperson Dylon Sim. He has interviewed two inspiring professionals from Mercy Relief, Carol and Melissa. Mercy Relief is the main beneficiary for GEPIC2017, and we seek to raise as much funds as we can to help the victims of the recent typhoons in the Phillipines.

Carol has been working with Mercy Relief for over seven years. She is personally in charge of Mercy Relief’s international efforts to better the lives of people globally. Her personal calling is to impact the lives of many people around her. She has been humbled by the stories of many survivors of natural disasters. The strength of survivors always reminds her of the beauty of humanity.

Melissa left her corporate job in Manhattan, New York City to utilise her professional skills to impact the lives of the less fortunate. She joined Mercy Relief as she strongly believes in its works.

Dylon: Hi Carol! Can you tell us about what do you do at Mercy Relief?


Carol: For the past seven years, I have been involved in Mercy Relief’s international and humanitarian outreach. We help communities rebuild after negative impacts of natural disasters. This includes improving the livelihoods of people during peaceful times.

Dylon: Why did you join Mercy Relief?

Carol: Since young, I have always wanted to impact the people around us. That was why when I was in school I regularly signed up for volunteer trips.


For me, I felt that Mercy Relief would give me the opportunity to embark on a lifelong journey to bring lasting changes to the many lives of the people.

That was why I chose to join Mercy Relief.

Dylon: Can you share with us one of the most memorable experience for you, in your work with Mercy Relief?

Carol: When I was on the scene at the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami in 2011, we met this lady. She led a few hundred men and was the overall in charge of the military operations of the Japanese army in the affected regions. She also helped distribute humanitarian aids.

We worked with her very closely throughout our three months of deployment in Japan. Yet it was only in the last months that we got a chance to really listen to her story.

What she shared was that she wanted to help the survivors not because of obligations, but because she herself had lost her entire family to the tsunami. What was even worse was that she could not find the bodies of her children as the tsunami had washed away her entire beloved family.

However, she was determined to be resilient and has continuously worked to better the lives of the people in her community.

And that was what I found most beautiful. Through atrocities and disaster you really get to see the strength of people. And most importantly, the beauty of humanity.

We also saw how people from different background were willing to compromise and come together in the time of need, for the greater good.

This is in spite of recent events which might make us think that the people around us are getting more self-centered and narcissistic. On the contrary, I will declare that we are one inseparable family and we will always be there for our brothers and our sisters.


Dylon: Hello Melissa, can you tell us more about Mercy Relief and what you do?


Melissa: Mercy Relief is one of the early pioneers of IPC charities in Singapore.

With over a decade of establishment, we pride ourselves in providing time efficient aids to disaster affected regions within 72hours of a reported disaster.

Currently, we carry out permanent works in 24 different countries. We aim to provide sustainable living through food, water, shelter and education.

I am personally involved with the local outreach in Singapore which objectives are to educate the public about the circumstances of the victims of natural disasters around our neighbouring regions.

Dylon: Why did you join Mercy Relief?

Melissa: Before joining Mercy Relief, I was working in sales and marketing for a corporate firm in Manhattan, New York City.

However, I felt a calling to use my professional skills to impact the lives of the less fortunate in the community. Hence, I decided on a change of career from the corporate sector to the non-profit sector.

I chose Mercy Relief to pursue my calling as I felt impacted by the works and cause of Mercy Relief, which has continuously impacted the lives of countless communities around our region.

Furthermore, writing about branded deodorant on twitter is incomparable to writing about the lives that Mercy Relief impact.

Dylon: What has been the most memorable experience for you so far with Mercy Relief?

Melissa: Educating and impacting Singaporean families about the effects of natural disaster on communities impacted me greatly.

Nothing beats education. Parents and their children do get impacted by learning about the circumstances of the survivors. This constantly helps me stay motivated.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s post! All photographs courtesy of Mercy Relief.

Click here to make a donation to Mercy Relief. Alternatively, if you want to donate by cheque, simply cross a cheque to “Mercy Relief Limited” with GEPIC 2017 written at the back of it.

Together, our contributions will certainly impact the lives of countless communities.


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