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3 reasons why Donald Trump is a HUGE inspiration to me.

I’d been fascinated with the Donald Trump phenomenon since he announced that he was going to run for the presidency of the United States of America.

This post is dedicated to my biz mentor Raymond Ng because he has advised me on so many things this year, and we spoke about Trump at length, too. Btw, this post may or may not be serious– who cares? 😂

Four months before Trump won, I predicted that he’d win. Because talk is cheap, I bet USD100 and explained why he will win, for nobody lies with their money.

And of course, Trump won!

So today I want to write about the 3 reasons why Donald Trump is such a HUGE inspiration to me. For Donald Trump made me realise that an education in public relations = mastery of mass psychology.

That’s my competitive advantage over you today.

Trump’s inspiration #1: An Education in Public Relations = Understanding what makes the masses tick. 

Recently this article on “Why doing a PhD is a waste of time” went viral, and many people agreed with the author that working towards a PhD/MBA/ Executive education in today’s world = driving yourself into a life of poverty and being exploited.

In today’s world, because there is this thing called THE INTERNET, you can learn most things on your own and network on your own too, for FREE. Also, these days employers have become smarter, so they look for streetwise people who can deliver results.

So many people holding eMBAs, MBAs or PhDs today are unemployed.

However, it’s difficult to see if they are truly unemployed, because they’d never admit it. In fact, if someone has a MBA/ PhD etc, I’d advise you to check their income and revenue if you can and not solely believe in boastful people’s “claims for success”. Especially if they have started a company on their own–Check especially for revenue, haha.

As usual, words are cheap, so follow the money you’d get the truth. Which means that these folks can simply be very, very deluded and driven by ego.

Anyway, these days employers don’t even look at paper certifications; they look at what you bring to the table in numbers. And if you want to network “in order to get a job/ increase influence”, you don’t have to go through 2 years worth of schools to do so. In fact, 2 years of school will incur a lot of opportunity costs in terms of time and money. There are better ways to get into bigger circles and to learn insiders’ secrets of trends.

Employers and successful people these days don’t do PhDs. Instead, they outsource and hire PhD folks FOR CHEAP, since PhD folks don’t really have good alternative options, are generally poor and are in such oversupply that the equilibrium market wage outside academia is low.

And IN academia, good luck to competing with other smart people for tenure– I am certain that there will be a lot of politics because the stakes are so low, lol. You can spend your efforts elsewhere with way more results and money.

So, 2016 was my best year ever because I made the decision to walk out of academia and never return there again.

Prior to being fascinated by Donald Trump, I’d never did once consider the importance of the concept of social proof.

Do remember that my undergraduate background is in theoretical economics–that is, we study how to rationalise stuff in mathematical models. We didn’t study much on the psychology and the business side.

And since I’m usually in my own bubble, I’d always assumed that people put logic and does cost-benefit analysis before making any decision. Then I started working and realised that, social proof matters.

Social proof in Business = testimonials, number of Facebook likes and followers, quality of engagement–everything you’d see on social media that a social media manager is interested in. Social proof can also come via the taglines of “everyone’s doing this”, “everyone’s reading this”, “everyone’s favourite”, etc.

Can you fake social proof? Of course you can, LOL. When you choose to fake it, make sure you become real as time passes. For a more powerful PR is of course if you have genuine social proof and respect from the people around you.

Trump’s Inspiration #2: Understanding of the law of large numbers. 

Trump’s campaign strategy is as follows:

Step #1:Say whatever you want. Just say it confidently. Spam a variety of positions, then see which performs best. Doesn’t matter if these positions contradict: LOL WHO CARES! What is important is to find out what more people like, since the candidate with most number of votes win!

Step #2: After you get all the data from spamming, plan your strategy and do specific targetting on strategic areas.

Step #3: Ta-da! Win the presidency!

Now, most people fail at step #1, because they do not want to spam. Why do they not want to spam when there are obvious benefits to spamming?

The answer is pride. 🙂 It’s the fear of rejection. Most people put their own pride first instead of the desire for results first.

It’s the same thing with entrepreneurship and why entrepreneurs don’t do market validation within 2 weeks after the conceptualisation of ideas.

This is because they fear rejection. What if their “unique” idea doesn’t work? Also, sometimes the idea becomes so important to their identities that they regard it as their own baby. How can anyone reject their babies, oh the heartless people?

So Donald Trump is a reminder to me NOT to always take things too seriously. Only take important people seriously, not things.

If you spam enough, the law of large numbers will kick in and you WILL get followers from the masses for sure. Being strategic about it will increase and deepen your engagement with followers, which is perfect!

Trump’s Inspiration #3: Basic Instinct. 

Trump is so basic that I’m very impressed!

If you follow his logic, everything you do or write will go viral.

Here are the stuff he does that scream “basic instincts”:

  1. Sex. Trump thinks and talks about sex quite a lot! He’s also very open about it. This relates to people for sex always sells. Basic Instinct!
  2. Simple words. Trump always talks in a simple manner. He also argues and frames things very simplistically. You see, not voting for Crooked Hiliary means that you are voting for a necessarily better candidate (which is obviously not true, but masses are too stupid to see it)
  3. Understanding of pain points. Trump is a master of understanding people’s pain points. And he rubs salt on them all and positions himself as a solution.
  4. Always quote yourself. Actually this is done on such a shameless level that I’m constantly amazed that he can do it without blinking an eye.


That’s not it! Always thank yourself too:

Ha-ha he seems to be really narcissistic! Anyway, this shows that the masses like confidence, even when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Like this clip:


5. Not giving a fuck about “what should be”. Trump makes his “what is” as “what everyone should be like”. A true authority! HAHA.

This is because most authority don’t give a damn about “shoulds”. They ARE the “should”s and you should always aim to please them. 😀

1-5, when done confidently, will make your content go viral. Because:

  1. Masses are in general stupid. (myself included);
  2. Masses in general like nonsense and entertainment because they’re bored (myself included); and
  3. Masses are attracted to confident, positive, happy and rich people. (myself included);
  4. Masses like really rich people because they want to be really rich themselves. (myself included).
  5. Masses are highly emotional and likely to be deluded. However, since emotions are their reality, then we got to respect it and not anyhow try to change their versions of reality. This is what business people often term as “individuality”, and recently I’m thinking if this term is a smokescreen for “delusion”.


So what does this mean? This means that anything basic will naturally go viral. Be sure to track those stuff in numbers. Anything that is not-basic will require money/investment to market and brand.

Because those stuffs do not come naturally to human beings.

Okay I’m going to sleep. Good night! HAHA.

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