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Korean Beauty X Cartoon

(Feature Pic: Taeyeon Brazil)

Bleah I have been so busy recently that I haven’t found time to write!! Today I want to write about this totally amazing trend that I’d noticed at work: Cartoon characters “endorsing” Korean Beauty Products.

This Korean Beauty X Cartoon trend is apparently a rather recent phenomenon (<3months old). I almost died when I saw the Holika Holika X Gudetama collaboration, for example.

Gudetama is a freaking lazy egg, so it’s the last thing I’d expect to appear on any beauty product. However, that Gudetama series seems to be really popular.

Then, the genius Korean marketers went to brand the series as the “lazy and easy”. And thus, effectively solving the pain points of busy and tired professionals!

That’s not it: I started seeing characters from Monster Inc) and also Sesame Street.

The Pink Panther X Banila series was really cute though, probably because it was endorsed by SNSD’s leader Taeyeon. It’s a series I would personally buy LOL.

Here’s the A’PIEU X Rilakkuma series:

One thing I don’t really get though, is why MISSHA chose to work with the Minions. You see, MISSHA is targetted at older ladies, and Minions is for…kids, no? Strange.

All in all I do respect the Korean beauty/fashion marketers for being so creative though. DAEBAK! ^_^

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