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Three PR takeaways from Kellyanne Conway.

(Feature pic from CNN)

Short post before sleeping. 😀

Today I want to talk about the three things I’d learnt from Kellyanne Conway, the first PR manager to successfully run a campaign for the president of the USA, Donald Trump. I also really admire her style, warm demeanour, positivity, personal branding and most importantly, values when doing PR.

  1. Conway tends to give credit to her team.

Evidence at 58seconds:

2. Conway’s logic behind “positive speak” is like Trump’s.

The way of response is very win-win and open the speakers to opportunities.

Trump’s way of talking about people consistently follows the following format:

  • If you speak well of him first, he will speak well of you.
  • If you speak badly of him first, he will speak badly of you.
  • If you don’t speak of him at all, and he is asked for his comments about you, he will always speak positively about you.

Well, the way Kellyanne reacts to statements is exactly the same.

Reactive, with the default being “always speak well of people”.

3. Kellyanne says that the first value that a PR manager must have is “loyalty”.

“Loyalty” means your client can always trust you as a PR manager no matter what shit they do or mistakes they make.

This is very empowering.

This is also as opposed to “always being neutral, impartial and whatever”.

This “loyalty” element is extremely admirable, and consistent with my own values. “Loyalty” can sometimes come at the expense of “being consistent”.

Apparently she also coaxed Donald Trump into NOT doing a lot of things. To coax him against not posting so much nonsense on twitter, she reportedly told him “How about having two brownies instead of six“?

All in all this means your overall values as a PR manager must be compatible with your client’s. You must like your client. 

Oh yes and I LOVE the fact that she is always presentable in a feminine manner, with a warm feel and great smile on her face. It’s such a great and professional fashion style!

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