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It’s great to repel some people.

Before I sleep today, I want to write a short note about why you can consider going for a strong personal brand…

…to repel people.

We only have 24 hours a day. Why spend time on people who don’t and will never contribute to your larger vision?

In my experience working with entrepreneurs advising them on PR matters, I realised that so much time is usually wasted on people who don’t matter. “24 hours a day” is probably something you don’t really care about if you don’t have ambition, or a clear personal vision.

If you have a clearly lined-out vision or objective, you would build on it. In that aspect, trying to convince the “other side” that you are “correct” is a massive waste of time.

This is because the majority of the other side already believes in whatever they believe in due to emotions and personal history/ background, NOT logic. It would take so much freaking effort to get them to radically change.

So be it. 

For example, as a vegan, why would you try to convince meat-lovers to start eating veggies-only? Does not make sense, 99% of your efforts would go to waste. This is because meat-lovers would have to give up their existing methods, personal preferences, background, emotions just to cater to you. Why should they? 

Ultimately, people want to do whatever they already want to do.

Given that we always have limited amount of energy, why not spend that energy, resources and time on nurturing your tribe? On empowering the people with the same vision and values, who want the same thing as you do?

To nurture your tribe, you have to identify who isn’t in your tribe. And a strong polarising personal brand will help you do exactly that.

Don’t waste time on people with different visions or values.Very often, people of opposing views try to change yours because they lack a strong vision, a strong leader, or are simply not successful. They can’t stand your + your tribe’s success.

Visions and values are verifiable from actions. Just walk on your own path and don’t interrupt the success of other people.


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