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Want to know how to read people? Here’s the interview with Dr. Sun!~

Today, we have the huge honour of having Dr. Sundardas Dharmadas Annamalay with us!

Dr Sundardas –or affectionately known as Dr. Sun— is the leading Naturopathic Physician practicing for the last 25 years in Singapore. His clinical interests include children’s learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Infections), Allergies, Women’s Health Concerns, Musculoskeletal Pain and Healthy Ageing. He is currently Professor of Naturopathic Medicine to the Youngson Institute of Natural Science (Australia) and runs a busy practice in Singapore. He had been a visiting professor to the Open International University for Complementary Medicine (Sri Lanka).


His client list includes some of the leading Asian actresses and entertainers, diplomats ambassadors, political figures from around the region, some of the richest families in Asia, the Middle East, India and members of the royalty from Malaysia. It also includes executives from organisations like Goldman and Sachs, IBM, FOREX and other companies like Batey Ads, Business Trends, NTUC, as well as local government bodies like Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Education.

He is a speaker, trainer and consultant to several health related companies. He has been consultant to several companies in the wellness and nutritional category. He has been invited around Asia as a scientific consultant to countries like Thailand and India for his technical expertise. He provided the scientific and technical support to launch the following product ranges in Singapore.

He is the CEO of Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic which specializes in the management of chronic health conditions and the NTC Alliance which is a group of companies involved in education and dissemination of information and services on wellness.

Enjoy the interview!~

WW: Hello Dr. Sun! Thank you for your time today. Can you tell us more about yourself and what you are doing?

Dr. Sun:
I am a serial entrepreneur, author, Professor of Natural Medicine and Naturopathic Physician.

I have been in business for 27 years. I am also CEO of NTC Alliance Group of Companies and have clients from more than 25 countries.

WW: Why did you choose to become a professional Wellness Consultant and Life Coach?

Dr. Sun:
After my first degree in Physics, the option was to do an upgrade to a Doctorate in a Physics or Bio-physics or to do medicine or Natural Medicine.

I decided in view of my early history and life challenges to become a Natural Medicine practitioner. I became an acupuncturist, naturopath and that led to being a Wellness Consultant and Life Coach.

I will fast forward all the other training I received along the way in coaching, teaching, Counselling and Program design.

WW: Personally, one of the greatest things I’d learnt from you is the concept of systems thinking. That teaching alone changed my life tremendously.

When was the first time you realised that most people actually think in a linear-fashion?


Dr. Sun:
As a kid, I was always interested in first causes.

It was not enough to solve the problem. I wanted to know how to solve that class of problems if it came up again.

Later testing showed that I was a natural strategic thinker. I could naturally see how everything was related to everything else. I began to realise others did not think this way by 21.

I think after I completed my first degree I got the explicit tools. By 26 I was designing systems for therapy and practice.

WW: We know that you are highly knowledgable in the topic of personal branding for expert entrepreneurs. It seems that a lack of legitimacy and credibility are key challenges when it comes to personal branding.

Can you give us three tips for entrepreneurs who want to be remembered as experts in their niche areas, without sounding cheesy?

Dr. Sun:
No one cares how much you know unless you first show you care.

1) Establish some kind of external validation or third party endorsement on your card or website.

2) Once you have a prospective client, engage in a conversation where you probe for the client’s concern.

a) This establishes you care.
b) It also establishes you are not sales-y.

3) Outline a quick solution that you as an expert can offer them. This should lead to a formal visit to your office terminating in a solution that is tailored for them.

Alternatively the above 3 steps can be done all online.

WW: Can you also give us three simple tips for understanding people quickly and effectively?

Dr. Sun:

I think there is a difference between understanding and reading people.

Understanding does not translate necessarily into any ROI. Understanding is not measurable.

Reading someone is about working out their responses on a statistical basis. All things being equal, they will respond in a predictable way. It’s also measurable.

The moment I stopped trying to understand and went looking for predictable responses,
my ROI went up.

Ask yourself: Is a person visual, auditory or kinesthetic?

  • Visuals: Speak quickly and have very erect postures. You need to showcase them charts and pictures to communicate and sell.
  • Auditories: Speak more slowly and love to talk. You need to be in a extended conversation to enter their world.
  • Kinesthetics speak the slowest and are most influenced by how they feel. They need to touch and feel to make the sale.

This is but just one way of profiling–I normally layer a few layers of profiling.

WW: We are completely amazed by the brilliance of the wealth creation blueprint that you have come up with together with D’Niel Strauss and Raymond Ng! Can you tell us the story behind it, and what differentiates this blueprint from other personality tests?

Dr. Sun:
I ran an childhood mindset program for about 6 years thinking it would change the Wealth patterns with varied results.

18 years ago, a client suggested that I should do something similar for Wealth. I brushed it off as too demanding. I kept thinking about it.

In 2014, I did my first version. I realised that although it was a great program, I lacked the skill sets to scale it up.

Then in conversations with Raymond, it acquired a new relevance. In our ongoing discussions, between Raymond’s and D’Niel’s input, WCBP kept further changing.

Then when we were developing the software D’Niel suggested we add further refinements that increased the predictive power of the system.

Other profiles tell you about yourself. This profile focusses on how you relate to yourself, your team, your customers and your brand in the business world.

WW: In the longer version of the wealth creation blueprint, there are questions on family wealth patterns. How does family wealth patterns affect an individual’s ability to generate wealth?

Dr. Sun:
Your family of Origin creates a family script, programs your biochemistry (genomics) and sets up your aspirations for achievement and wealth.

They play a huge part in how far you go. So if there are limitations there you can’t go far.

WW: Do you personally think that human behaviour can always be predicted?


Dr. Sun:
Look at how marketing and public relations can profoundly influence the market penetration of a product.

A good product may not do well in the market if market psychology is not well handled.

So while you cannot predict the behaviour of a single individual well, you can predict the behaviour of a targeted homogenous group well.

WW: What is the one thing you wish more entrepreneurs know?

Dr. Sun:
Business is very technical. Get a proper business education. Not necessarily an MBA.

WW: On a parting note, is there anything you’d like to add?

Dr. Sun:
Your aspirations and mindset with tenacity of purpose is often more important than skill -sets.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s interview with Dr. Sun! Visit Dr. Sun’s Clinic webpage or read his blog. Do Dr Sun’s comprehensive the wealth creation blueprint here. All photographs courtesy of Dr. Sun. 🙂

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