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Have a resting bitch face? No worries…

I just discovered this app “Pitu”.

It’s crazy.

It has a “smile feature”, which can make an unsmiling person smile! 😮 😮 😮


I’m using the same picture with my neutral face. The one on the left is without the “smile” function, whereas the one on the right is “with”.

So I tried it on this model’s picture, which I got off Unsplash on a Creative Commons Zero license.


So first, you upload this:


Then click on the smile function and decide the extent of smile:


OMG. What is this madness. 😀

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. I am passionate about mass psychology, cognitive biases, propaganda and Edward Bernays. Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (www.ikiguide.com), Asia's first portal on personal branding.

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