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4 simple steps to troll and be trolled.

Today we have another expert digital marketer Rachel from UnderSGsun to teach us the four simple steps of becoming a damn good troll.+ the four simple steps to be offended by a troll.

We hope that this piece will help you troll and be trolled in a tasteful manner. Do get a life soon though, and enjoy!~

~Four simple steps to troll~

1. Be smart, or at least, a smartass.

If you can’t comeback with a comeback days later, that’s not very smart.

If you can’t comeback immediately, then perhaps consider being an internet troll as you will have plenty of time to research and sculpt your insults.

2. Have a very sarcastic and negative view on life…

…And turn all that frustration onto your subject.

3. Know the subject that u want to troll…

…and hate it with the depths of your cold dark being.

4. Never give up. Practice makes perfect.

Remember trolling is an art. Ranting isn’t.

Even if you are banned, create another account so that you can continue blaming your life’s inadequacies on others.

~Four simple steps to be trolled. ~

1. Exercise your freedom of speech and voice your opinions.

Especially on the Internet like in blogposts and forums.

2. When someone replies to your comment, respond IMMEDIATELY.

Thinking is not required.

3. Have a fragile ego.

Assume everyone is out to make your life miserable and take advantage of you.

4. Find supporters to soothe your bruised confidence.

Do this by going on other web articles/posts/threads that discusses the same topic and voice your opinions there.

Continue until you see results.

Have fun trolling and getting offended! 🙂

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. I am passionate about mass psychology, cognitive biases, propaganda and Edward Bernays. Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (www.ikiguide.com), Asia's first portal on personal branding.


  1. Hungryinhelsinki says

    How fun 😉 neither ready to troll or be trolled, but really enjoyed your writing!

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