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What Happens When Bitcoins are Lost?

Recently I’d been reading up on Bitcoins–isn’t it such a fascinating digital currency? Apparently it would be the currency of the future 10-15 years, and it’s almost quite certain already that some people would make a lot of money on that.

And so today we have a guest post from John, who tells us more about what happens when Bitcoins are lost. Here are his comments:

“According to the Bitcoin Black Friday Founder, only 78 percent of bitcoins were circulated on the internet by 2010. Howell, an investor, says that you cannot know if the unused coins are lost or not used. According to research, over 64 percent of bitcoins are not spent.

The Bitcoin Economy and Unspent Coins
According to a bitcoin researcher, the task of distinguishing lost coins is hard because people are saving coins for a better future. Grey Schvey, the researcher, says that this is one big clue.

Everything begins with the blockchain. This is the ledger that has a record of all bitcoin transactions. When miners make transactions, they are making new blocks attached to the blockchain.

Every bitcoin wallet address has a certain number of coins or ownership. We need to know that coins are not lost as long as they are retrieved by the person who has access to the wallet.

Mr. Schvey is the founder of The Genesis Book. This is a company that analyzes the first bitcoin blockchain. The company guarantees that the original block contains a data string called the cryptographic from preceding blocks. They assume that this is the original block. Every bitcoin traces back to the first blockchain.

This company is one of the fundamental innovation in its currency to eliminate counterfeit bitcoins and double-spending. The company can identify every spent bitcoin and trace it back to its core blockchain. It is now impossible to create counterfeit bitcoins. This means that the company gives him all the required data to track bitcoins existing in the online market.

Over 55 percent of issued coins circulating in the online market today were used in the last quarter of 2013. 35 percent of the coins did not spend in 2011. The remaining percentage most likely represents the lost coins. However, these cons cannot be hoarded.

The bitcoin community grew up with enthusiasts trying new things. However, at this time we can suggest that they may have been lost due to lack of proper security mechanisms during those days. This is because there were few bitcoins mined during those days.”

Interesting, no? 🙂

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