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The Flesch reading ease score

Today we will briefly write about the Flesch reading ease score.

Ever wondered why Donald Trump loves speaking in short sentences? Like short. Really short. You know, short.

Answer: The Flesch Reading Ease Score.

Well, when you are talking to the masses, the shorter your sentences the better. The Flesch reading ease score to test how easy it is to read a text. The formulae takes into consideration the number of words per sentence and the number of syllables per word.

According to Wikipedia,

“Texts with a very high Flesch reading ease score (about 100) are very easy to read. They have short sentences and no words of more than two syllables. Usually, a reading ease of 60-70 is believed to be acceptable/ normal for web copy.”

Score What it means
90 – 100 easily understood by an average 11-year old student
60 – 70 easily understood by 13-15 year old students
0 – 30 best understood by university graduates

And guess what? Depending on your target audience, you should write like that too. Heck, really short sentences are even actually good for SEO-purposes!

I used to think that you need to showcase a really wide range of vocabulary in order to be successful as a blogger–but no, it all depends on who you are writing for, and what you are writing about.

If you want sponsorships all you need to do is to just appear in bikini, or maybe show your bra straps or some boobs. Don’t even need to know how to write really well. LOL. In fact if you write like a third-grader, you might even stand a chance being even more popular and successful than the loser who writes like a university graduate/ PhD holder.

Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard academically. -.-

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