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“When stars are aligned”.

“The stars are now aligned”, the wise sage says. “You’d now have easy success.”

Recently I’m convinced that dogmatically working hard is a very bad idea.

Because you see, what if you work hard in the wrong direction? Then you’d be working yourself into a bad situation. Maybe worse than your starting point.

Instead, a smart person should sit down and think hard about what he/she really wants, and then work hard in that direction. Of course no man is an island, so you should always surround yourself with people with aligned interests. So that there is a compelling force that pushes you into the same direction together.

Now this concept of aligned interests is truly important indeed. It’s because whenever there is a conflict of interests, things usually go to shit–because no matter how hard you work, the person will work harder in the opposite direction, so you negate the efforts and worse, even end up with a less favourable outcome!

So in every case, we should always make sure that interests are aligned. Subsequently, we should from time to time be on top of a person’s priority list.

So…when the ancient folks look up into the skies and say “The stars are aligned”, they do mean that interests are aligned. Which means that success will be easy.

Let those who have ears, hear.

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