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Exactly how to do great content marketing.

Recently I was doing a plan for a company RE: their content marketing, so I thought I’d write something about this topic for my own future reference.

What is content marketing for?

Here, I’d use an excellent diagram by Amber Creatives:


Content marketing MUST create good and positive awareness–the sole function for content marketing to brands/ businesses is really to drive sales.

Articles must therefore be deeply intimate and address the core pain points of your target audiences, so that it is easier to move down the funnel later.

What is good content marketing?

I liked the phrasing of this moz article:



In other words, good content marketing is extremely focused, solves problems and needs, and positions your brand as the solution to these problems and needs.

Given limited resources, it’s best to have few quality, deep articles that is directed at solving these problems and needs–rather than to go for quantity.

Who does all these crazy stuffs?

They key to doing a good content marketing plan is truly how much it engages your audiences, be it B2B or B2C folks. Therefore, it is imperative to get a crazy person to do your content marketing plan.

Personally, I think the best content producers/ social media managers are downright insane. Take for instance, the company JR Design Works which designed The Hieno’s logo. The designer is one of the craziest lady I’d ever met–she’s super random and creative.

So the best content marketer is not afraid to put himself/herself on the line. They are impromptu, random, open to everything–learning on the go, spamming strategically, having their skin thickened deliberately, to name a few. They’re also not afraid to interview customers for case studies/ success stories/ testimonials.

Track record is probably important too: this content marketer have written viral posts prior, and are not afraid of writing more viral and sometimes provocative posts.

In other words they know the human heart. They change their personas in accordance to different target audiences, addresses significant pain points and provides solutions.

Essentials of great content marketing:

  • Blogging: Posts must address pain points of different stakeholders in the company.
  • Newsletters/ ebook/ interviews/ case studies/ whitepapers: All these must communicate the benefit of your brand. Don’t write things that don’t value-add your brand strategically.
  • Editing: To make posts more concise and write to keep audiences engaged.
  • Knowledge of human heart: You must listen, listen and listen carefully to the pain points of your audiences and know intimately what they want, and how your brand solves them all!
  • Visuals which engages: Infographics, charts, videos, beautiful graphics, etc.
  • Interactive #YOLO Media: Hosting podcasts, webinars, FB live, periscope, etc.
  • Rule of thumb: Must simplify stuffs as best as possible. Make things super easy to understand. Must definitely target pain points.

Okay that’s all I have for the time being–anything else you have to add? Leave a comment!

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