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Social Media = the emotions economy.

According to the market research firm Global Web Index, Internet users have average of 5.54 social media accounts, and an average of 1 hour 20 minutes is spent engaging with these accounts on a daily basis.

These statistics strongly suggest that we all have a digital need to constantly feel connected with fellow human beings. We want attention from each other. Clearly, attention is the “cold hard cash” in the social media economy.

And how do you get attention, in a world where the consumer’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter?

To get attention on social media, you have to use emotions, and PR in this context is the direction of emotions. For emotions is like a memory marker. Because after some time, people do not remember anything you tell them, but they would definitely remember how you made them feel.

Human beings perhaps are strange. As much as we like to think of ourselves as logical, rational and educated, we are fundamentally driven by emotions, “hearts”, basic instincts, and perhaps even the seven sins. Nobody with a reasonable language command who sincerely wrote an article picking on any one/two of the seven sins will fail to have it go viral.

The current challenge to businesses is therefore the following: Exactly how can you track emotions in verifiable numbers, instead of…voodoo? The next level is this: With big data, can you predict emotions after doing consumers’ profiling?

Can we write them all down in an algorithm, and hack the hell out of the system?


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