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Why Is Everyone Talking About 純萃喝?

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You know, recently I’d been asking Wendy about 純萃喝, this drink from Taiwan that I kept seeing on Instagram. Singaporeans apparently LOVE this drink! The packaging is really sleek and pretty, and apparently it tastes really good too!

So it is with a little bit of shock when I read yesterday that AVA is recalling this popular drink, due to an “unapproved ingredient”. This is because the tea contains L-theanine.

What is this unapproved ingredient “L-theanine”? Is it poisonous?

Actually, rest-assured that L-theanine is not poisnous, although it might come with certain side effects. According to Drugs.com:

“Few adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse reactions recorded in human studies using tea extracts include headache, dizziness, and GI symptoms.”

So there is not much cause for worry, even if you have consumed the product! 🙂

Meanwhile if you want a refund, feel free to visit any 7-11 store.

Hopefully the company gets this ingredient approved in Singapore soon!

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