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I’m sick and tired of organizations asking PR practitioners to work for free.

Recently I’d been extremely irritated by organisations who want to hire Public Relations specialists to advertise their own creative thing, but have no money.

Essentially what they want is for PR folks to work for them for free, under a pro-bono basis or whatever, because they think it is very easy for PR folks to write. “Words are cheap, isn’t it?” /”It’s just another viral article, isn’t it?”/ “But it is for a noble cause!”

OKOK, if words are cheap, why don’t you write it yourself? Or if you can do a viral post yourself that has 19k shares in two days, go ahead. -smiles-

Don’t let me waste your time, Oh no! Since it’s soooooooo easy for you!

By the way, IF something is indeed for a noble cause, the organisation will get money to fund your PR campaign by hook or by crook. It really is OK if the organisation has no money, but knows how to do fund-raising/ get sponsors to pay for the PR activity. Because if you can successfully raise funds, it shows that there is value of your works to the people who contribute to your fund-raising.

The reason why organizations dont’ get money to fund PR campaigns is simply (1) They don’t see the value in PR and/or (2) They disrespect PR practitioners.

At the end of the day, talk is cheap and nobody ever lies with their money.  Money is a great litmus-test for perceived value. If you think a piece of work or the artist is worthless to you, you will not spend a single cent on the cause. And then the formal justification would be “Oh the style of the work is not in line with our company’s interests.”

Money is NOT a greed-indicator. It is instead a value-indicator. If you are doing unpaid work when obviously certain parties are benefiting, you are not being noble.

So if you as a PR practitioner work for free “for a noble cause”, you are truly being ripped-off.

Have you ever seen anyone who lies with their money? If I don’t pay $x for something, it really does mean that the value of this item to me is zero.

Yes, a big fat zero. Nobody in the market cares because your work is of no value to them.

Up till today, I have no idea why certain people/ companies/ organisations are so shameless by asking people to do free public relations for them, and neither do I know why certain PR folks have no pride/ brains by agreeing to such absurd terms.

I speak from experience for I used to be one of them, naively volunteering for causes which I thought to be “noble”. Then I saw how somehow, someone in the “volunteer chain” is profiting or benefitting immensely out of my free work. Or, I saw with my own eyes how nobody truly cares about the effort you are putting into the volunteering work.

Haha, that was being naive.

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