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Wonect: Celebrating Japanese beauty, sparkles and dreams.

Today’s post is about Wonect, before I go on my well-deserved vacayyyy! Currently I only have 3 more assignments to clear and that’s it woohoo!~ ^^♡♥

Ethical Declaration: This post is NOT sponsored in any way, and this declaration is necessary because I DO believe that perceptions can be influenced by money. So don’t worry, Wonect sent some products over for review and told me I can write whatever–no money is involved! ^^

Context: Japan and Japanese beauty products.

Thus far, I’d been to Japan for a total of 4 times. The first time was for internship + homestay, the second for a Japan Airline scholarship programme, the third for a year long student exchange at Waseda University, and the forth time for volunteer work post 3-11 Tohoku earthquake. It however, felt that I’d flown there for more than 4 times, because I travelled extensively within Japan when I was there for a year.

I’d always liked Japanese beauty products because they can be so funny and innovative, with pretty and interesting packaging! For instance, I have a Re-Fa Carat at home, and it looks like a sex toy:

Muhahahaha but trust me, it works to make your face smaller as long as you roll it on your face everyday! 🙂 I think the inventor must have been laughing his heart out–imagine using a best-selling sex-toy lookalike product to make your face look smaller.

Anyway, I do love Japanese beauty products because some of them really work. I stand by Japanese eye-drops, such as Rohto lycee. Those are magical eyedrops–everytime a friend visits Japan and ask me what I want for Omiyage/ souveniers, I’d definitely say Rohto Lycee Eyedrops in pink and blue! Different from eye-mo or your other typical eye-drops, you can have dust in your eye but just one drop of Rohto Lycee and your eyes become clear. It’s amazing and I wish more countries can sell them.

And there is one Japanese lady whom I absolutely fangirl about, and she is Meyumi Yamada, the director of, Japan’s No. 1 makeup review portal. Yamada:


What is Wonect?

Wonect is actually a combination of “world” and “connect”, so the brand name alludes to “connecting the world”. Originally started in 2014 with the entity “Dreambook”, Mizuguchi-san, the founder of Wonect, wanted to spread and share the beauty of Japan with the rest of the world. Wonect is now a well-rated online retailer of Japanese products, with a unique selling point of guaranteeing authenticity and reasonable prices.

Personally, I believe that a lot of beauty secrets in Japan are hidden from the world due predominantly to one thing– the Japanese language. Wonect is therefore really a gem, because you can get really cool Japanese product descriptions in English and decide if you want to buy them!

I also believe in the Japanese spirit and beauty of おもてなし/ Omotenashi, which basicaly means treating customers with a sincere heart. This is apparent in how dedicately each Japanese product is designed and packaged.

More information on Omotenashi:


Fun unboxing video~

Funny reply by Fujikawa-san and Fuji-san. LOL

HAHAHA Mt. Fuji!~

Brief Review~

The four products I’d received:

The Fujiko Eyebrow Tint, Saborino Morning Mask, RMK Lip Jelly Gloss and Softymo Speedy Cleansing Foam. 

Eh I don’t know how to do review on each product leh! I used to do beauty reviews but I’m getting old and I don’t want to photoshop my face anymore. So anyway I’d just provide a link to each product from Wonect and tell you what I think in a candid manner.

  1. Fujiko Eyebrow Tint.

Out of the four items I appreciate this the most, because basically I only have half a natural brow since I was 17. Anyway, this series is apparently quite popular in Japan!

So I tried the product out, and after 5 minutes this is how my lack of half-eyebrows became sort of tinted:

Haha! I got a little confession to make: im really bad at drawing brows and I don't buy eyebrow pencils. (In fact I don't buy makeup) so when @wonectjp sent me this #fujikomayutint #mochabrown I was immediately intrigued. It's quite innovative! Firstly you draw a shape of the eyebrow you would like, and then you leave it there for like 5-10mins, or up to two hours. When it dries, peel it off. So you see, actually I only have half an eyebrow usually. The left eyebrow is with this tint after 5min and the right eyebrow is with crayon eyeliner. Apparently this tint is waterproof which is really amazing lol!! But I do think it looks natural. Will try tomorrow and keep it on for 2 hours to see what happens. Really interesting product! 👍 #wonectstarlets #wonect #japaneseproducts #eyebrowtintjapan

A post shared by Wan Wei (ww) (@thewanwei) on

Probably works LOL.

  • The next item is the RMK Lip Jelly Gloss. I like it because it is sheer and not too drying. I do prefer the Shu Uemura lip glosses better because the colours from Shu Uemura are nicer. This preference however, is personal. RMK Lip Jelly Gloss works way better than some of the drying lip tints from Etude House for example.
  • Softymo Speedy Cleansing Foam. To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about this, because most cleansing foams nowadays can remove make-up well. Hmm…So unless you like Aya Ueto, maybe give this product a miss? I find it a bit drying also.

The unique selling point of this product is that it includes avocado, and you just need to put it on your face for 60seconds (!) to have the promised washing + skin care + moisturising effect. Personally, I’d use this mask for brightening and firming. I don’t think it is as moisturising as I’d expected actually! However, if you wake up in the morning and are really in a mad-rush, then maybe you can consider buying this to place in your “emergency toolkit”.

Conclusion: If I were to buy something from these four products, I would only consider buying the Fujiko Eyebrow Tint and the RMK Lip Jelly Gloss.

-Okay the end of review.- 

I’d like to talk briefly now about ONE perk that comes with buying beauty products from Wonect, and that is the happiness and joy you get when you receive a package of beauty products hahaha.

I wish Wonect can consider selling pretty Wonect Fukubukuros in future! Fukubukuros are better known as “lucky bags”, and ladies sometimes buy these because they want to be surprised by interesting and random Japanese beauty products.

Last but not least~ Just for fun HAHA:


🌟キラキラキラ〜♡ Until the next Wonect box!

Have an awesome day ahead!

I’m off to pack and finish up my remaining work before going to vacayyy.


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