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The Donald Trump PR system: 3 steps to win anything you want in life.

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WOW. I’m super inspired by Donald Trump–he’s the true Public Relations extraordinaire. Trump has convinced me without a single doubt that it is great to be skilled in public relations, because the polls are rising in his favour.

Prior to this, I’d always thought that public relations is nonsense because it is simply words, right? Talk is soooo cheap.


Great public relations is all about strategy and a great PR strategy produces measurable results.

In a gist, this is Trump’s game plan in this particular order:

  1. Define winning on your verifiable terms so that you win by default.
  2. Play the media to get free attention.
  3. Repeat X10000 your simple slogan that is already framed to your advantage.

It is clear from the strategy that the end is already fixed–Trump will win 😀 I am so convinced that I actually bet $100 of my own money on this outcome against Clinton.

Without further ado, here are 3 simple ways to win like Trump:

Step #1: Define winning on your verifiable terms so that you win by default.


  • Look at your competitor’s strengths. Look at your strengths. Pick out one verifiable point which your competitors completely lack. Associate this one trait with the pain point of the masses.

“Verifiable”  traits refer to that are factual and can be crossed-checked.

For example, a verifiable trait is “I have X years/ no experience in XYZ”, not “I am the best”. The former is a fact that can be cross-checked whereas anybody can fluff out the latter.

The problem here is this: Most people will not see their traits as strengths, because they have been conditioned by society to think in a certain way, or follow certain “traditional” rules.

So in general, there is a tendency to consider any trait as weakness if you allow someone else, or society, or an institution to pre-define success for you.

This is known as conditioning.

Trump, being wise, knows the rule of the game. Just one: The candidate with the highest vote wins.

How are you gonna do it? Nobody actually cares, as long as you win.

And Trump will win because he says so!

I’m completely amazed by how Trump made his unique selling point about his complete inexperience as a politician (a definitely verifiable trait that most perceive as a weakness) as a strength. Note that the rest of his competitors were senates, previous secretary of state, shrewd politicians, etc.

So here it goes, he framed the political race to be all about being anti-establishment. And anti-establishment is defined as no prior political experience, but all about having prior successful business experience.  And by definition based on verifiable facts, there is no competition! 😀 

This is such a stroke of genius! You know who else went on this “I’m a successful biz man with no prior experience” route and won?

That’s right–it is Juha Sipilä, the current prime minister of Finland.

So what Trump is doing is completely not new, because Sipilä has done it before, and won by quite some margin.

Trump’s whole campaign is based on “Make America great again!”. According to his narrative, if you are against him, you are against the greatness of America.

How can you be against the greatness of America?

And why, pray tell, is America currently not great? That’s right, according to Trump, it’s because of all the crooked politicians.

Do you know why you’re unemployed? According to Trump, it is because illegal Mexican immigrants (who by the way, cannot vote), are snatching your jobs and lowering the overall industry wage rate.

Your pain is clearly the fault of the experienced and incompetent politicians. Therefore, vote Trump in.

This is logical, because nobody ever points out from an economic perspective that things could have been worse, but the Obama administration made it less bad.

And amazingly, every other single candidate is adhering to his framing without pointing out its premises, or reframing. It’s effective!

Step #2. Play the media, get free attention.

Stefan Monyleux is funny as hell. He’s one of the sharpest thinkers on youtube.

So–as Stefan Monyleux points out, this is Donald Trump’s game plan as laid out in the Art of the Deal:

Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.19.32.png

Note how Trump emphasises on “being straight”, “exaggeration” and “reframing”–he simply says that these are attributes to getting free publicity. It’s really quite funny, because this makes politicians who pay real dollar for advertisements look like fools.

Anyway, what Trump is doing is this: Whenever someone criticises him, he will reframe the criticism into a positive answer.

He doesn’t even address the criticism, which is like wow. Seriously. Even I’m mind-blown by that. As one gets more and more educated, there is a tendency to always react to arguments because you think you can win the other person logically and with good argumentation.

But no! Trump simply just ignores and reframes the critical question to either something positive about himself, or his greater vision!

I reassure you that this is an absolutely useful skill to have. Evidence:

Jeb Bush is actually an intelligent and legit candidate, and most people even say that he is a front-runner of the presidency campaign at the start. But notice how Bush consistently redirects attention to Trump, perhaps thinking that Trump sprouts complete nonsnese. Bad idea–everytime he does that, he gives Trump more legitimacy.

Trump is shrewd in the sense that at this point of the game, almost everyone is arguing as per his framing and rules, even the Democrats.

Yet in the first place, his framing is set up for him to win–which is the genius of the whole set-up!

And do you know how much he spent vis-a-vis Hillary? According to NBC (dated July 12, 2016):

Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.39.34.png

This is PURE genius.

USD 57million Vs USD3.6million, and this is just the beginning! 😀 As per today, Donald Trump hasn’t even embarked on any harsh 1-to-1 fight on Clinton yet. He is still picking on Sanders and watching the turn outs of the events.

AND Clinton is starting to trail behind in the polls:

Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.47.08

(Source: Real Clear Politics)

#3. Repeat your simple slogans.

Once you already have the good positioning AND the free media attention, it is time to repeat your simple slogans.

Be it–

  • “Make America Great Again!”
  • “Crooked Hilliary”
  • “Rigged System”
  • ‘Incompetent politicians”.
  • “We don’t have time for political correctness”.

Oh yes, and always quote yourself.

Like this:

Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.54.05.png

Hahahaha funny lah. 

Remember: Let the masses associate you with one simple word. Just one, and it must be really simple. Focus on just one thing at a time, either to destroy one opponent at a time, or win one segment of the voters at a time.


Well this is a really effective PR system to have, whatever you may choose to do in life, isn’t it? Recap:

  • Step 1: Position yourself to win–and this positioning must be verifiable and by definition eliminate all other competition.
  • Step 2: Play the media to get free attention.
  • Step 3: Repeat your positioning in clear simple terms X10000 through the media and public discussion.

Therefore, I’m actually proud to be a student of Aalto University, Department of Corporate Communications. ~~ LOL.

It’s amazing to be able to deconstruct invisible systems and apply into your own life! 😀 Forget about hard work, that’s really total bullshit. Instead, go for clarity in positioning based on that which is verifiable, that resonates with the pain points of the masses.


  1. Freaking good! Agree with almost everything you say, especially this “Remember: Let the masses associate you with one simple word. Just one, and it must be really simple.” 😁

    • Yeah! Thank you for your kind comment. Masses are simple. We are complicated. Very bad. Not good. Make Trump great again!

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