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What to do when you feel nauseous after meeting a seemingly bimbotic PR person?

…I think the best solution is to puke.

No, no I’m not pregnant. 

But seriously, recently Yeow and I have been feeling nauseous, especially after talking to certain types of individuals.

For the whole of today I felt like I wanted to puke because yesterday, I spoke to a really bimbotic PR representative of a partner company. It left me wondering why she was hired. She basically asked me to ask someone else whatever I wanted to clarify.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against bimbos. I’m not even sure why I feel nauseous after talking to her.

Sometimes even I act silly and clueless to get information.

Er…but this PR person really raised the bar. And the worst part is that I don’t think she’s acting.

I still feel like puking when I’m typing this. And no, no–I am not being mean or sarcastic. I’m just saying that I really feel nauseous because I’m super astounded by how bimbotic one can be.

Can I ever pull off her level of cluelessness? Probably not. I did try to ask my friends before–in cases when I really am not acting dumb, why aren’t people convinced?

Then they said–“Maybe they’re convinced on the spot but after that, they read your blog and all your thoughts…”


Yeow wanted to puke because she is slightly tired of dealing with delusional people. On top of already not feeling well.

I’m not sure who you would rather puke for–a truly bimbotic person, or a truly delusional person.

Let’s keep all of us in prayers.

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