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A blend of light and heavy.


The sole reason why this blog confuses so many is precisely because it is the mixture of “light” and “heavy”.

Why can’t a lady do bimbotic and smart posts at the same time, on the same portal?

If you like this blog, THANK YOU! I write this blog for myself, to reflect on random issues in my life. Thank you for your many, many kind comments, and I look forward to further interaction with you!❤

If you don’t like this blog, just don’t read.😛 I can never understand why people read things on their own will to make themselves angry. Did I hold a gun to force you to read? Crazy. Your angry comments really just reflect your own deep emotional baggages.

And trust me, I can read and map emotions very well.

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Wan Wei is a PR practitioner with a heart for pretty things. Formally trained in public relations and quantitative economics, she is also a contributor to various ecosystems in Europe and Asia. Drop her a PM or visit her blog! :)

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