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Singapore as fashion capital.

Recently I read with great anticipation and joy (!) about the launch of Couturissimo, the brainchild of Asian Couture Federation (ACF). ACF is founded by Dr. Frank Cintamani, the very gorgeous Emily Hwang. Other amazing talented folks involved in this initiative includes Willabelle (of Pale Division), Benedict Goh and Edison Cross. As we all know, all the above mentioned individuals have close ties to Singapore.

Couturissimo is the London based multi-designer label of world-renowned Couturiers creating exclusive couture inspired collections at democratic prices! By “democratic prices”, it means something like getting a Sebastian Gunawan piece for USD490 OMG what is this.

What a bold and revolutionary fashion concept. Hyuna was at the Couturissimo launch too! ^^

/Okay end of fangirling. I was just really inspired that ACF is leading so many innovative projects and ideas in fashion! ^^

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick post before I close my day. I was actually rather surprised to find Singapore ranking quite high on the global fashion capital chart–with HongKong and Tokyo just ahead:

Screenshot 2016-07-13 01.27.08.png

(Source: Language Monitor)

Also, I wish to highlight another amazing fashion event headed by Hayden Ng–The ASEAN Fashion Designer‘s showcase. There are so many talented designers in the ASEAN region as well–it’s just incredible to see so much beauty, colours and stories.

I guess bigger bilateral things and exchanges can happen. The sky’s the limit! 🙂

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