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Demand, supply, consent…and lies.

Once upon a time, a boss told me this before I left Singapore to pursue masters in Finland. He said, “I always respect Economics majors like yourself because you have internalised the concepts of demand, supply and consent. It follows you in every decision you make.”

So I asked him– “My goal has always been to read people as well as you do. Will I ever get to do that?”

And he said “Trust me, ww, you will one day. Very soon.”

Demand, supply and consent. I’d always wondered why he said that. Until recently.

Well that’s because all markets in the world work on demand, supply and consent. Markets seldom bullshit you with lies. Follow the money, and you would unveil a lot! Things like delusion, cognitive dissonance, the hawthorne effect, wanting to be liked, wanting to progress along the corporate ladder, wanting to be better at gaining favour from the top.

In short, being programmed.

If I want to get you to work for free, it’s easy to programme you into thinking that you are worthless. But I won’t, because it isn’t ethical. 

“Don’t worry, you’d get better if only if you work harder and sacrifice more.”

“Don’t worry, the situation is changing! :)!”

“If you leave, it just shows that you are a quitter and not smart enough!”

Huge, huge liars they are, aren’t they? These words eat into your self-esteem.

Why do you let lies get into your self-esteem?

Delusion works on both sides–one demand, and one supply. It’s really time to see the market for what it is.

Use money as the ultimate form of validation to track your market value. The rest are all delusions and lies. It’s nothing personal.


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