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Human beings are predictable!

Human beings are predictable because:

  • You can map out their priorities.

Priorities can be always being right, or keeping the peace, etc. The trick is to determine which comes in first place.

  • You can map out their fears.

Two main types of fears include: the fear of love, or fear of loss.

  • You can spot patterns in behaviours.

Unresolved emotional burdens and baggages are consistent, usually.

And always remember, if a person is still talking to you, or giving information related to you, or talking about you, it means you have leverage.

So always give space and/or leeway.

And most of the time, it is not “us” versus “them”, but “us + them” versus the situation. And who is the jerk who creates the situation? Neither us, nor them. 🙂

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. As a naturally curious person, I have interviewed over 100 inspiring politicians, C-level executives, entrepreneurs and influencers globally! Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (www.ikiguide.com), Asia's first portal on personal branding.

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