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How to test a person’s heart (and the Hawthorne effect).

I’d blogged before about super professional and experienced wedding experts who can tell if a couple is going to/ will eventually get divorced. They. can. tell.

With stunning accuracy.

So–Have you ever thought really hard about how to guard YOUR heart, and how to in general -test- a person’s heart?

One of the answers lies in money.

Yes, I’m saying that money can be used to test a person’s heart.

The next question is, why should you test a person’s heart? It’s very simple: You should always test because you want to see who the person really is. We all have alteregos, many many masks, many personalities, etc. But if you want to entrust your life to someone, obviously you have to test.

And most importantly, words are cheap.

It’s not even about the money a person has or doesn’t have. In fact, it is about proportion of wealth a person is willing to spend on a product, a service, or on you that is extremely revealing about his own heart.

  • Have you ever observed that the highest number of breakups/ annulment of marriage/ divorce comes when the guy does not pay much for the wedding as compared to the lady?
  • Have you also observed that if a guy doesn’t even offer to pay for your date, it usually means that he is not that interested in you?

Money here, is not used as “greed” or “money for money’s sake”, but as a test to see the seriousness of the person.

It is the same thing as market validation. People can usually talk until the cows come home, and consumers lie all the damn time. Sometimes consumers don’t even know that they are lying when asked, due to the Hawthorne effect.

Yet ask a consumer for money in exchange for your product, and you get nothing but the truth.

Today I was reading some stuffs about Finnish wedding traditions, and it turns out that Finns are really smart with the guarding of hearts! They used money to test.

Here are two excerpts:

“Straight after the proposal, the suitor gave the girl the engagement ring, money or other engagement gifts, such as scarfs…The gifts or the money given to the proposed girl were a guarantee that the suitor was serious, but the gifts did not commit the girl to accept the proposal. The gifts could be returned after a certain time of consideration. This way one girl could receive money, engagement gifts or an engagement ring from several suitors and consider which one of them she liked the best.”

“The morning gift was given by the groom to the bride on the morning after the wedding. The value of the gift depended on the groom’s wealth. The gift was supposed to ensure the wife’s welfare in case her husband died before her and they did not have any children. The gift was usually money, domestic animals or clothes.The morning gift was even a statutory obligation until the year 1878. Morning gifts were given in the whole of Finland.”

Food for thought, eh.

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