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The Media as shit-stirrers and constructors of pain points.

This post talks about mainly why the media tends to be shit-stirrers which construct many fears. To find out who the masterminds of the media are, follow the advertising dollar.

Usually the media will adhere to the advertiser’s interests.

The problem with society is that if you don’t have time to pause, look within and find out exactly what you want, you’d be cornered into these principles:

  • The “pain point” of the pampered middle class is
    • the constructed fear of not being good enough; and also,
    • the constructed fear of appearing to be mediocre, bland.

Logic = middle class are made to care about the marginal, and are willing to use their excess money to be marginally better than the rest of the masses. It’s terrifying to be seen as average. The middle class are urged to “become” the ideal espoused by the media.

Celebrities are used to set the standards because the media says so, and to raise the constructed bar, so that more money will be generated in terms of revenue to the advertisers.

Middle class might want to show off, but it is not a fear. It gives them pleasure from validation to show off. “I’m validated because I meet the media’s definition of success.”

  • The “pain point” of the upper class is “the fear of not being special”. I think this fear is real, and is a direct result of the media’s construct that targets the middle class. Reason being that the upper class already has a lot of money, and the silly middle class is trying to be identical replicas of them. So they want to differentiate themselves in other subtle but exclusive manner.

How far would you go to identify the wound, sprinkle salt, rub…and offer a solution? 🙂 Your solution. That makes “it” less painful.

However, independent of society or the media’s various constructs, the pain points of everyone include the fear of :

  • the death of a loved one;
  • illness or damage;
  • loss of job or income;
  • premature loss of parents;
  • betrayal by parents/mentor/ friend;
  • accident.

These are general guidelines, and thereafter the sub-categories will go back to whether the product is luxury or catered for the masses.

Conclusion: The media really tends to be a shit stirrer. Paying companies set the benchmark, create a pain, so that all hell breaks loose on earth.

In the context of bridal, to make a better world, I’d personally like to promote creative professionals who inspire or can capture the beauty of couples just as they are. 🙂 I think this would be a great solution to constructed pain points.

Opt for the style of storytelling just as you are, not stupid marketing or advertising. Don’t be made use of even in something as personal as bridal.

And why should “beauty, just as you are” be something that is feared? 

And let me give you a litmus test. When you are captured just as you are, you don’t have to boast or put things on social media for the whole world to approve or validate that you have “become”. 🙂 You won’t be after beauty and perfection. If you ever put those photographs on social media, it won’t be for validation but as a celebration.

Everything that involves “showing off” involves an insecurity–the need to be validated. People seek approval–there are pain points such as “the fear of not being wanted”/ “the fear of not being accepted. And the standard bar lies in the hands of the media and its advertisers. Why do you not live life on your terms, but on the terms of random medias? 

And therefore we can dream of anything, and to make it yours it’d be great to accompany it with compelling storytelling, just as you are. Great storytelling will tell you what your heart is.

You can tell a lot of insecurities of people from social media. Sigh. The things we learn as social media managers.

Inspired by: Raymond/ Dr. Sun. 😀

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