Month: June 2016

“Why do people not put themselves on the line”?

The first reason is because they don’t want to be rejected. This is actually a very deep reason. Because people don’t know what to do if they are rejected. Also, rejection stirs up shit from unresolved childhood. Rejection wakes someone up from delusion and denial. So this is the first factor leading to “status quo” equilibrium. The next reason is comfort. Because status quo is too comfortable. They don’t have to. So this is the second factor leading to “status quo” equilibrium too. Then–SO BE IT. Being mediocre and happy is a choice. Being ambitious and happy is a choice too. Don’t assume that you–an external factor, can change things. You can’t. Success requires permission from the person himself/herself. Pushing too much will backfire. Not doing anything will not. Offer help only if asked for.