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“This couple’s wedding photos are ugly!”

Sometimes I hear guests’ unflattering comments on a couple’s perfectly beautiful and professionally-shot wedding photos, and I get quite puzzled.

“Yucks, the bride looks so fat.”

“Huh, the backdrop looks fake.”

“Wow I cannot believe they spent USD10,000 to fly to L.A. to take such photos! It looks like it’s taken near our Marina Bay Sands Casino! The couple’s family prints bank notes, is it?”

“Can’t the bride smile properly? It looks so forced. I think i can take better photos with my iPhone6 instead.”

Would the couple be affected? The answer is yes. Not because the couple thinks their photograph is ugly, but because their guests are saying disparaging stuffs and thinking mean things about them.

Would a professional photographer be affected? The answer however, is no. A professional photographer is unapologetic about his or her style. Customers come to him or her because in the first place, the couple likes the photographer’s style, so the professional photographer would shoot “as is” his or her interpretation.

Will the established photographer care if a random person comes up to say “Whoa your photograph is really ugly”? The answer is no. Because this random person will never be a paying customer. The professional photographer will care about what the paying customer thinks, not because of the money, but because money is the ultimate verifiable element as compared to mere talk like “I really LOVE your work”.

Anyone can talk, and talk is cheap.

People always like to say “agree to disagree”,  and honestly this term is very polite. The bullshit-free phrase to use is “Who cares about your opinion?” 😛 Yeah you can say things–blahblahblah, but nobody really cares if the “what’s in it for them” is not answered.

If the random person doesn’t like the photography or videography, then look for another photographer/ videographer lor. The photographer is happy, and the random person is happy, and the couple is happy. Quite easily done! Why expect someone to change just for your sake? 

And honestly, if the professional wedding photographer really changes for your sake, he/she is stupid. Because he/she loses the original couple who really loves his/her work, and will still not gain the client of that random person, who just talks the whole day with zero action.

So, you see, this is my heart for wedding photographers. They are not just photographers. I love this post titled “intuition of the instant”; it’s not about wedding photography, but the idea of capturing the “instant” holds:

“Life cannot be understood in passive contemplation. Understanding life is more than just living it; it is indeed propelling it forward. Life does not flow along a slope on the axis of objective time that would serve as its channel. Although it may be a form imposed upon time’s successive instants, life always finds its primary reality in an instant. Hence, if we delve into the heart of psychological evidence, to the point where sensation is no more than the complex reflection or response of a simple act of volition — when intense attention concentrates life’s focus upon a single isolated element — then we will become aware that the instant is the truly specific character of time.”– Bachelard.

Yep! =)

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