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Will pain ever go away?

Let me tell you–Pain will not completely go away, for sure. From time to time a small part of pain will come back. And you’d cry. But you’d feel better after crying.

I just finished writing one particular article on Singapore’s divorce for Huffe, and the traumatic process of divorce is probably the same as the traumatic process when you are coping with a big crisis in your life.

The pain will come back from time to time. It will make you cry when you least expect it. Then you’d think, “Why did they have to screw up something as important as this for you? Your future is just gone, gone–and whatever is gone will never come back again.”

With that amount of effort you put in, why did they have to destroy it for you? Why did they have to be so merciless in the destruction? Callous, even. As though what you are striving to protect is worth shit.

I have a solution for you, my friend. The solution is to move on. 

It’s not exactly that you have any other choice. Moving on is only the best method for yourself. It’s not as though you wallowing in pain will make those people who did shit to you suffer.

So when pain comes back, keep your eyes focused on the goal of moving on. Don’t let it distract you.

And move on. I’d walk alongside you.

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