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Sakura-themed weddings.

Have you ever found something you could do forever? I’d found it. Um, and it’s a weird sort of feeling.

This post is going to be incoherent.

Today I was thinking about Sakura-themed weddings, and the first thought that came to my mind were weddings at Kichijo-ji, one of my favorite places in Japan. When I was there in 2010, all I could think of is my ex-boyfriend, who’s Japanese. I only had/have two BFs in my whole life, lol.

The nihonjin ex is super good looking, super rich, eloquent, charming, 185cm hehe and super subtle. So I remembered walking to the bridge and thinking of him, while I was looking at the sakuras.

We broke up because of different foundations in communication + I was insecure when I was younger.


This is how Kichijoji looks like, in full bloom. (Source)

People change. Things fade, emotions fade, memories fade. Then memories die, and sometimes you can’t even remember who’s who, or what happened. I think however, beauty at that moment lives on, and on, and then you can recreate those memories to make some meaning out of it.

So today, I saw some photos from the sakura-themed weddings, and all I could think of is how to preserve and capture more of these beauty. I’m a really terrible events planner, so I don’t think I can plan stuffs (even though I have tons of working documents).

But I want to capture and feature those beautiful scenes, as is, at that point in time. It’s the beauty, raw emotions and many many sighs of relief that I want to capture.

What excites me, and paradoxically calms me down, is the fact that I am indeed going to go ahead to do “it”, perhaps even as a sustainable + profitable business.

That’s pretty insane and for sure it scares the hell out of me. 

So I asked myself–Can I have this vision of curating really beautiful pictures, such that for one moment, even just for that one moment, couples can forget all their troubles and relish in the choice they’d made with each other? Even if they’re from different thought foundations, or of different belief systems, can we pause time with beauty?

Or can we pause time with beauty and kindness…and awe?

How do we communicate what we don’t know we don’t know? How do we encourage people to see the possibilities of weddings and marriages, and how do we communicate the idea that not everyone should get married? It’s tough, it’s heavy, yet it’s beautiful and sometimes bitter-sweet.

Human relationships are complex–emotions are raw. But it is via our choices that we see who we are. And I want to meet more of the “real selves” of people.

This privileged peek into what is inside your heart is what the wedding industry means to me. Nobody ever lies with their choices, after spending so much money on it.

What a beautiful privilege. 

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