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How to tell true humility from fake humility.

Today I met another really humble person, spoke to her for 1+hours, and was awed.

You see, usually when ww gets invited by random folks to events, it’s not fully to “enjoy”, or “because I like you”. It’s because random folks know ww capabilities as a social media/PR person.

So at the end of the event, I’d always offer to take pictures to PR. 🙂 Value for value, right?

Hm. But this person I spoke to today, was really low-profile and she really goes for the heart of things. She was fully present when we spoke. And she told me all about “taste”, “manners” and “hearts”.

So…how do you tell true humility from fake humility, especially for the richer folks?

It’s when they treat you with the bests they have, end the pleasant conversation with “no social media”, or “Thank you for coming down” today–even when they are so established, and/or so rich.

It’s through such low profile that you start to realise…

Wow, they really did value you as a person.

Even IF they are crazily successful business people themselves.

And I found that sense of security very empowering. They’re truly secure in who they are, to the extent of “let’s not attract attention but live a quiet life”.

And that’s the difference between a “true humble”, and a “fake humble”–how much they don’t seek publicity. 🙂

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. As a naturally curious person, I have interviewed over 100 inspiring politicians, C-level executives, entrepreneurs and influencers globally! Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (, Asia's first portal on personal branding.

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