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[In the making♡] The wedding guidebook for couples in Finland. #suomi100

Yay! I got the content page out of the guidebook out, of some of the things we want to write. At worse, we’d do an ebook; at best, we will have a hardcover as well as a full website that links to the complete sets of interviews.

Screenshot 2016-05-04 01.26.21

Screenshot 2016-05-04 01.58.40.png

Hopefully we can push through with this project and come up with an online + offline “Guidebook for engaged couples in Finland” in both Finnish and English, by the end of this year.

I think it’s really a meaningful project! I’d always known there are a lot of silent, beautiful things that are untold in Finnish culture, but I’m usually limited by language + limited people around me who can story-tell. What better way then to learn more about a society and its culture through its history, traditions, interpretations and reflections on marriage and weddings, right?

The most beautiful storytelling, by the way, is not fabrication, but communicating beauty as is. Because, “if the image isn’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”.

In particular, I want to find out about the evolution of Finnish wedding dresses, the Sami culture, and interview photographers in Lapland HEHEHE. I’m sure they have some very amazing ice-y magical actual day photography of real, beautiful couples.

The redefinition of “marriage and weddings” part for the Finnish society is something I really am looking forward to, because in 2017 gay marriages will be legalised in the Finnish society, so I project that there would be some sort of secular and religious discourse on it as well at the end of the year. Hopefully this guidebook + website can contribute to some parts of it. =)

I hope Pekka Haavisto and Antonio get married and the ceremony gets broadcasted on yle TV or something OMG. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Love them!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ They’d look sooooo good saying their vows ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Drop me a PM, or leave a comment if you want in on this amazing project! 🙂


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