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Will Dr. Chee win?


Even as a relatively staunch PAP supporter (in particular, I support Mr. Khaw Boon Wan), it’s always been a pleasure to watch SDP’s rally. 😀 I’m always very humbled by those!

Dr. Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 is REALLY a master of rhetoric. And so is Dr. Paul Tambyah.

They like to spam use the words “disappointing”, “strange”, “puzzling”, “I say this in good faith”, “my friend” as part of rebuttal/ defence against personal attacks. =)

The choice of words reflects a burning passion, yet VERY controlled revealed emotions. I can understand the fundamental differences in vision and ideology between PAP and SDP, and therefore I can understand the deep angst/ irritation/ disgust felt on both sides.

I also like some of the points raised in tonight’s rally:

  • Income level of elderly in Singapore: very, very disappointing. I concur with SDP that more can be done by our SG government to help our elderly in Singapore. Around my housing estate in Woodlands, there are sometimes elderly collecting cardboards and some others working really hard at food centres. Not for, and I quote some politicians saying–“exercise”–but really to eke out a living.
  • Debating based on ideas, not launching into gutter politics. Actually I feel that SDP has pretty reasonable visions–the thinking that “the wellbeing of a society is measured by the standard of living of the lowest income group”. I’m unsure how Singapore can get there but I identify with the vision, and usually having a right vision will result in a good direction.
  • Entrepreneurship!! They talk about a new initiative “Pathfinder”, for children–“to make mistakes and to learn from them”. This is great for innovation, no?
  • Rising cost of living in Singapore, and how he will raise those issues in parliament.

To be honest, I think PAP will still win. Because Bukit Batok seems like a stronghold. 😛 Also, I disagree with some of the points Dr. Chee made, such as quoting PAP’s Mr. Khaw Boon Wan that “you can’t eat your degree”. I think the original premise that Mr. Khaw made was that “a degree is not the end goal”–“being self-sufficient and a useful member of society is”. So that’s a little bit of strawman.

So–ultimately, would voters give Dr. Chee a chance? 🙂 Because after all, it is only one-seat. If he screws up, at most voters can vote him out after 5 years. Even if some regard what he says as “noise”, there probably is “an art and value of making noise” in the Singaporean politics and parliament. And I think at the bare minimum, Dr. Chee will definitely make a lot of “noise”.

Politics is always interesting to observe.

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