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The art of eradicating delays.

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a friend on “how to eradicate delays”. Personally, I’m terrible at asking people to be faster in doing their work, or accelerating things for me. But this friend is an expert, and I’m going to write down what he taught me.

Context: I’d been stuck with a particular issue for close to 1.5years already. -.- It’s a very irritating matter, because the only reason why I have to stay in Singapore throughout May is because I have to settle this case before I fly anywhere else in the world. -.-;;;; In fact, it would be a blessing IF this matter can be settled before May ends, so I sought this wise friend’s advice to accelerate the matter.

Here’s what he said:

  1. Always follow hierarchy. 

Smart friend says: Once shit touches social media, everything = gone case. This is because there is no room for damage-control when things get out of hand. So even if there is a mistake made, never take to social media, because instead of rectifying the mistake, the people might just cover-up. Instead, abide by the hierarchy and seek to solve issues.

What he advises me is to have a “delay-cum-follow-up calendar”, that is:

  • First, email the lowest level person. If they never reply, accelerate to the next level.
  • If it cannot be settled at next level, accelerate to the next. And then the next. etc.
  • Repeat process until it’s settled.

His advice was to email a higher level after every 5 working days HAHA, if the existing level does not reply. And the tip is to PERSIST and be as secretly irritating as possible until the matter is solved.

2. Be super specific. 

In your “super specifics”, tell the person–

  • Why it is in their best interest to move your case;
  • The benefits of moving your case;
  • The penalty for NOT moving your case;
  • And exactly how to MOVE ON.

The idea here is to find out what they want from you, so that everybody can move on with their lives and goals. 😀

3. Always have things in black and white. 

Verbal contract or advice is BULLSHIT. Mark my words–I speak from experience.

Calling and/or f2f meetups is fast, but always follow-up the meetings with an email if you are talking about anything related to money.

Keep copies of (DATED) emails and have backups! In case of dispute, rely on those. ^-^

OK! Hope the above tips help–I especially love the calendar! Need to start applying from today…

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