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If you have a “good” wedding, would it lower your chance of divorce?

I’m just thinking– If you planned and experienced a very memorable wedding, would it lower the chance of divorce?

“Memorable” does not mean “expensive”. “Memorable” however, means doing things on your terms and in accordance to what matters to you.

You see, recently I’d been thinking about the meaning of a wedding ring. On the one hand, a wedding ring is just metal. (Rose gold, white gold, gold, silver, palladium) On the other hand, a wedding ring serves as a constant reminder and a promise.

So there are two extremes you see, in terms of the visible and the invisible. If one forgets about the invisible, then it’s easy to regard the ring as “just metal”. Likewise, if one forgets the significance of the wedding, then it’s easy to get divorce.

Unsure if this is indeed logical though. If it is, then it might be a good idea to videograph and photograph your wedding.

Recently I get slightly freaked out with people who say that they would like to have a wedding just to please their parents, or that it’s simply “just tradition”. I think you can please your parents, go the “just tradition” route, and still have a memorable “good” wedding. The key here is priority.

Can I say though, that the function of holding a wedding is for the sake of remembrance? =) So when the going gets tough, people can remember why they are in it in the first place?

So this also links back to the idea that you shouldn’t just “anyhow” get married, because “it’s time”.


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