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What’s your wedding for?

“A wedding is so troublesome.”

–I don’t know why I always felt that way about weddings, as a first feeling.

Sorry this post is going to be so haphazard and random because I’m so physically tired, but let me just jot these thoughts down before I forget.

–But shouldn’t a wedding be something beautiful?


So how can someone not be excited over weddings? Or has “he” been so taken for granted that all the OMGs die?

What’s your gown for? 

“I’m wearing this gown to look pretty for my groom”


“Anything that doesn’t make me look fat to the rest.”

Do such thoughts not mark the vast differences in premise?

So yes, what is the wedding for? who is the wedding for? why hold a wedding?

What’s the first answer that comes to your heart?

If you were to start with a premise of “the wedding is just for show”, then spending even 2000euros on it would be a waste.

But if you were to start with a premise of “the wedding is for the celebration of the love between two of us”, then not spending any amount would be precious. BUT! If you were to indeed celebrate the love between two of you, won’t you want to preserve the moment, through a ring (promise), video/photography (so that you can show future generations), etc?

I think we all forget. We sort of think that weddings are trade-offs between your heart, and societal expectations. We give in, and think that because we give in, we shouldn’t enjoy.

Hmm can you actually give in and still enjoy fully, though?

Or, can you actually enjoy EVEN MORE, because you give in?

An expensive wedding doesn’t mean that it’s meaningful. An inexpensive wedding doesn’t mean that it is not meaningful. Sure, meaning can result in a more expensive wedding, but no meaning doesn’t result in a cheap wedding.

We all forget. People forget. As bridal servants, how do we make them remember?

Storytelling? Yes, it has to be it, isn’t it? To communicate what is important, what is real, just as is.

To capture and celebrate imperfect beauty. Together. 

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