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Fashion marketing + Why I love the bridal industry.

Today I want to write about two things close to heart: Fashion marketing and bridal.

Most fashion marketers have love-hate relationships with the fashion industry. Sometimes we also see so called “fashion-influencers” or “celebrity-wannabes” spamming/ wearing fast-fashion and simultaneously preaching ethics. Those ignorant know-it-alls make me want to laugh until I drop dead and die.

Beneath the feet of beautiful girls are dispersed corpses, unpaid interns by the queues, an entirely business-like industry which operates by demand and supply and pays by market rate. Yeah, go ahead and hate fashion and vanity then. Practise what you preach–“Yes, wasn’t it fairness?” and please do it to the max. *smiles*

The fashion/arts/ creative industry isn’t for the meek, nor the faint-hearted.

When I was doing my unpaid internship in ANA-Crowne Hotel Hiroshima at the age of 19, I couldn’t take my eyes off the gowns in the bridal department. They call it ブライダル. I love the wedding coordinator, she had such a beautiful smile, and a warm and sincere demeanour. You could sense her positivity from a mile away. Till today I remember the awe I felt when she showed me the display windows of gorgeous wedding gowns and wedding teddy bears.

Anyway, this is precisely why ww loves the bridal industry as a person. Weddings are beautiful, organised with positive intentions, and consist of promises that are supposed to last forever. At least, there and then, when the vows are said, you know they are real and couples do mean what they say. Those are precious moments.

From the fashion marketer’s perspective, I love weddings because weddings allow my vendors to marketise their talents to bring out the natural beautiful state of each couple. Vendors make couples beautiful, just as they are. How the hell is this being a “sell-out”?

To me, doing this is infinitely more useful than doing art that nobody would see. -smiles- Once again, I’m talking only about people who want to enter the fashion business. Not people who do stuffs to express themselves as a hobby. If you are in a business–by definition– shouldn’t I judge you by value and use, and not whatever entitlement you think you are entitled to?

Also, if a creative person is in the wedding industry, at least you won’t have the debate of “being a sell out” with them. There won’t be ego/ pride at play, and you– as a fashion marketer– won’t be accused of being “greedy”, “manipulative”, or some other horrible accusations. And most importantly, they earn their keep. -smiles-

Not everyone can be fashion marketers, once again. Likewise, most celebrities who make it to the front pages of magazines are models who worked their asses off for it. They wanted to be photographed there badly, so badly that you can never imagine what they gave up for it. It definitely IS a love-hate relationship, and I can only emphasize that they made choices at every stage of their lives.

You–you? who want to be in the fashion industry? Grow up. Stop whining. The fashion world is harsh. If you judge this industry, then simply leave. Nobody is keeping you.


Treat fashion as a hobby then and stop insulting us all.

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