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Suomi100 + Ambitious Finnish companies.

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Next year’s SUOMI 100, and I personally believe that as people with ties to Finland, we should play our part in encouraging more Finnish firms to expand abroad.

In other words, encourage ambition.

My Finnish business partner Ville and I are currently doing market validation to find out if there is really a market demand by Finnish firms to expand into Singapore, and how we can make the process for expansion easier for Finnish firms.

So far, we have some queries from interested Finnish firms which want to expand into Singapore (and eventually of course, Southeast Asia), but common reasons towards inaction are

  1. Not enough money;
  2. “Singapore is too far away”;
  3. The culture is too different.

So we’d love to hear from entrepreneurs who are already here in Singapore! =)

Why move? What are some unexpected legal/ cultural/ communication surprises you have encountered in Singapore?

We have prepared a total of 9 questions. It’s the following:

Screenshot 2016-04-19 19.33.44.png


You can take our survey here!!

Alternatively, if you feel strongly about this topic, F2f interviews will be held from 1-10May ’16. Just email me to set an appointment!

Let’s contribute to closer business+ cultural ties between SG and Finland! smile emoticon Do let me know if you are interested to participate in this market validation project.

Interested? Email:  =)

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