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When everything’s wrong, and then.

Have you ever had people whom you once completely trusted, yet callously and calmly murdered a dream you have been working hard towards?

Ironic, no? Those were the very people who were supposed to make their life goals all about being nurturing. And the very same people took the knives with zero hesitation, when push comes to shove, and single-handedly murdered whatever related aspirations you still have.

On hindsight I laugh.

When everything’s wrong, when everything had been wrong. What else can you do then? When everything’s wrong–“it” then becomes your greatest blessing, because you truly see what that sort of environment has churned good natured people into. If people can enter that environment being perfectly good hearted, only to morph into crazy murderers of aspirations, then I think I would never want to be part of that, or them.

It’s humbling to wake up. And when I woke up, I had to reinvent my belief system, see life through renewed eyes, and basically poke my own bubble.

Humbling, very.

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